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Today’s post has a lot of credits so this will also be a credit only post. Please see below for all the credits. Happy Monday!




Couperin Set by Fancy Decor @ Collabor88

[Fancy Decor] Couperin Rug 2li

[Fancy Decor] Couperin Chair 3li

[Fancy Decor] Couperin Table 1li

[Fancy Decor] Couperin Fondue Plate B

[Fancy Decor] Couperin Fondue Set 1li

[Fancy Decor] Couperin Fondue Skewers 1li

(single stick) [Fancy Decor]Couperin Fondue Plate B 1li

(double sticks) [Fancy Decor]Couperin Fondue Plate A 1li

[Fancy Decor] Couperin Bread Bowl 1li

[Fancy Decor] Couperin Bottle

[Fancy Decor] Couperin Water Glass


Wreathes hanging on console table: {what next} Rose Wreath 1li each


Rene Set by Fancy Decor @ The Liaison Collaborative

Items gracing the Left Bench...

[Fancy Decor] Rene Books & Feathers 2li

[Fancy Decor] Rene Boxes 1li

[Fancy Decor] Rene Console (cream) 3li

and on the right bench...

[Fancy Decor] Rene Console (wood) 3li

Straight ahead...

(on console) [Fancy Decor] Rene Bowl 1li


White roses in sparkly jar: [ keke ] my funny valentine . 1 . white 1li

White roses in sparkly jar -set of 3: [ keke ] my funny valentine . 3 . white 4li


More Items from Collabor88

Small tin of biscuit on chair: [DISORDERLY. x .r.M] Hearty Snacks / Cookie Tin / Pink 2li

Strawberries in Rene Bowl: [DISORDERLY. x .r.M] Hearty Snacks / Berry Bowl / White 1li

Macaroons in a white cloche: [DISORDERLY. x .r.M]  Hearty Snacks / Macaron Stand / Pink 1li

Large chocolate Cake on stand: [Granola] Gimme Some Sugar Cake. 4li

Pink cupcakes kept from prying fingers: [Granola] Gimme Some Sugar Cupcake. 3li

Confetti dusting on rug and console table: [Granola] Confetti  1li

Tray of unguarded and delicious macaroons: [Granola] Gimme Some Sugar Macarons. 4li

Console table: [Second Spaces] Sweetheart Sideboard – candy white 6li


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators/events for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Build: [BUENO] Studio Skybox- Natural  19li

Cabinets: [dust bunny] laundry room cabinets . linen cabinet (Between 1li to 2li)

Wall racks: [dust bunny] laundry room clutter . wall organizer . b 2li

Washing machine cabinet: [dust bunny] laundry room cabinets . washing machines 10li

Laundry cart: [dust bunny] laundry room clutter . laundry cart . filled 2li

Indoor tree: [dust bunny] dwarf fruit trees . clementine tree 7li

Teapot: [Apple Fall] Juliette Teapot 1li


On Benches…

Jam jars: [Random.Matter] Garden Party – Jam Jars 1li (gacha item)

The queen of hearts baked some: [dust bunny]  love tarts 2li

Tray of folded towels: [dust bunny] laundry room clutter . wire basket . filled 1li

Stack of cups: [Apple Fall] Juliette Tea Cups, Stacked 1li

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