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I’m still working from home and funnily enough by the time I’m done with my day the last thing I want to do is continue sitting at my desk in order to get my blog posts done. I’m usually so sick of my table area and the awful chair that I just want to leave and go do something else. I have no way of luring myself back to the table in a way that would work so I have decided to keep my desk for working and then just go mobile with my laptop for posting and typing so it can be done in a different part of the house.

Work has made my ‘fun’ place more of a ‘must’ place. You ‘must’ work, you ‘must’ do this report, you ‘must’ not get up till all your work is done. I actually forgot to even take a break again today. This is not something I considered before that working from home could ruin my fun space. When I come home usually from work, unless I am ill or extremely tired I can’t wait to log on to my computer and work on my posts/pictures.

I had to keep the image simple today, partly because I liked it but for the most part because I could not really focus on or have enough time to take or edit anything bigger in the short time I had left.

That part of things was also due to a lack of inspiration and too much animal crossing. The latter I have played so much that I hear floating balloons even when the game is turned off. However, I really like my little patch. I insisted on a patch of my own because some heathens have no tastes whatsoever and put things in random places. It completely messes with my desired aesthetics for the place.

We all know that if I had my way everything would be pink, well not everything obviously…don’t look at me like that. I do want my interiors to be a lovely mix of pinks and pastels though and I chase after every flying balloon in the hopes of finding something special. Till now a bed has eluded me…sigh.

Anyway, today’s image was edited between quiet snippets of time in between work. I think that’s another advantage to add to the work from home list. When you get mini lapses in time instead of doodling. Doodling goes next level even as you can just open up Photoshop and you’re away. Do you want to know what’s in the picture? that’s good because I’ve got a list coming your way, wait till you find out how many bodies this super adorable top covers.


Eyelashes: [SnowWhite] Coco eyelashes *genus {@Sanarae}

Top: [AsteroidBox] Paige Top and Paige Arm Ribbons (Alice, Maitreya, V-tech, Petite, HG, Freya, Legacy) {@Anthem}

Skirt: [Amitomo] Chaconne Gacha – Maitreya 7  {@Sanarae}

Cup of blossoms: [Schadenfreude] Overgrown Sakura Treats – Sakura Latte {@Sanarae}

Pose: [Serendipity] Agnetha {@Mainstore}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**mesh body used in today’s post is the legacy mesh body and Genus Strong mesh head *gift, skin is by Bold & Beauty, Eyes are Tendereyes bought on the MP. 


Supporting Cast

Hair: [Amitomo] Lady Sunshine Gacha Rare

Hair ribbon: [Zenith] lolita Bows (all color) *previous gift

Earring: [Bonbon] apple earring

Lipgloss: [Pepe Skins] Slippery Lolly – genus




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