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I woke up legitimately thinking today was Monday, I was about to relive a day. A tiny part of my consiousness said “I don’t think it’s Monday” where the larger part of my sleep deprived brain was not about to be swayed. It would have died upon that hill on the fact that today was Monday. Needless to say, I barely slept a wink last night because guess who’s back?! Our good ol’ friend Toothache. Welcome back, buddy! I knew you wouldn’t leave me for long. Why when I said I hoped to never see you again you thought ‘naw, she can’t get enough of me, I’m going to make a surprise return‘. We are bed fellows now, he and I. Yesterday night was but one of the nights we shall spend together, up into the wee hours of the night. Unable to part from each other long enough to sleep. Joy of utter joys. Oh, I’m terribly sorry…did I break your sarcasm meter there? I just really haven’t missed having a toothache at all. My appointment is still all the way in July. I was hoping on hope when it left that perhaps I would be okay and everything would be great again. The world said ‘no’ but naively I said, I’m not like other girls

It’s okay though, while I pay for my hubrice that does not mean that I forgot you. No, no, no. I’m prepared for you! I’m actually really glad that you’ve returned. It means you must like my company, I didn’t want to say anything but..ehem. I could only but hope but the fact that your back means something to me. I think this week is going to be a week of posts popping up all over the place besides the normal update days. It’ll be fun, stick around okay? I can actually legit bake cookies and they are delicious if I do say so myself, no cap. Today is another furniture post but it doesn’t come with a fashion aspect. I’m hoping to have another one like that soon but they take twice the time so it won’t be so soon after the first. I wanted something simple and decor based. I feel like I’ve been letting down the Decor lovers a little by having such a run of fashion. I had forgotten though how much I love decor. This time it is featuring items from Kraftwork in the form of the lovely dresser to the chair which is a free gift actually.

If you haven’t been to SL18B yet, why not? Don’t you like gifts and discounted items? Kraftwork is there too and offering a free gift. It’s not a Decor item but here’s a quick tidbit as well, another one of the stores I blog for, Miwas, has a super cute top for free there too. Just a quick piece of info for you there. The shelves are by Fancy Decor and are available at Collabor88. I didn’t want to weigh the shelves down too much to the point where it obstructed the view of them but even so, I actually like how that became a thing because it’s gorgeous. I even got my favourate frame in there by Kotte. No, I still don’t have enough pictures of friends and I to fill it out but hey, it’s a challenge I accept. Besides I fill some with doodles while they wait for friend pictures.

I even added a few things from The Arcade again because we can’t get enough of The Arcade or at least I can’t! Hey, would you do me a favour? Hold on to your seat, the credits are coming this waaaaaay~!


Shelves: [Fancy Decor] Carson Wall Shelf  1Li each {@Collabor88}
Dresser: [KraftWork] Rivoli Collection – Dresser Oak Natural 5Li {@N21}
Picture Frame: [KraftWork] Rivoli Collection – Angled Frame Street 1LI {@N21}
Lamp: [KraftWork] Rivoli Collection – Table Lamp Almond 1Li {@N21}
Chair: [KraftWork] Twenty One Armchair 5Li {@SL18B} *gift
Cookie jars: [North Oak] + Cookie Jar Medium & Large (white) 1Li each {@The Arcade}
Vase on dresser: [North Oak] + Decor Vase (white) 1Li {@The Arcade}
Polarioid frame: [kotte] ivy polaroid frame 9Li {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

Supporting Cast

Trunk: [Apple Fall] Leather Strapped Trunk 3Li
Pillow pile: [Nutmeg] Pillow Stack 3Li
Basket of items: [Dust Bunny] gentlemen’s treats basket 2Li
Books clutter on shelf: [Dust Bunny] bookshelf clutter 1Li
Rug: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . rug . white 4Li
Cat in basket: [Jian] Wicker Forest Cat Bed 8Li
Plant on wall: [Mithral] Overgrown Wall Planter (Pack A) 6Li
Small plant on ground: [Dust Bunny] hoya plant 2Li
Tall plant in background: [Dust Bunny] sweet dreams . fiddle leaf tree 4Li
Blanket pile on ground in background: [Dust Bunny] dreamy outing . pillow pile . colorful . pg 6Li

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