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She-friends and a She-Shed

She friends & She Sheds (Part 1)

Happy Friday everyone! Since you’ve all smashed another week today’s post is a nice image filled one. It’s a combination of fashion and decor. It also contains some Fifty Linden Friday items that can be picked up today for fifty linden only.

There are also some items from the upcoming round of the arcade so it’s fun all round. I have been building all day long! Best fun ever. My butt does hurt though. I need to get up and walk around soon but not before I bring you all the cuteness. There’s cuteness from On-Line and Miwa too. It does however mean that due to the amount of work that went into it, it did take me a little while to get it all together.

she shed web

Even if you miss the Fifty Linden Friday items there are still cute things to pick up from the mainstore while you wait for The Arcade to open. I love this little building from Fancy Decor. I didn’t know if I would know how to decorate it but in the end I fell so in love with it. It was completely different from the elegant brown woods and leather chair idea I had initially thought of. I thought if it was going to be a she-shed then it should naturally be decked out in soft colours. To do anything else made no sense.

She friends & She Sheds (Part 2)


Once that had been decided on I honestly thought I don’t know if I have any items to carry off the full pink look but after a lot of changing items in and out and twisting around I find the perfect set up for me. I wish now that I had such a cute little room down the bottom of a garden. Lots of pretty panes of glass to let the light in, lovely soft blankets and beautifully made furniture.

Of course there would have to be some food.

And books. Always a good book.

And tea! Don’t forget the tea.



The listing is going to start with the fashion part of the image. Then move on to listing the decor. Everything not mentioned in the featured section can be found in the Supporting Cast. All items (gachas) for The Arcade are not available till opening day on 1st March 2020


➥Parfait (Bear)

Bear ears headband: [Doe] Teddie Bear Ears {@The Arcade}

Hair: [Doe] Teddie – Pastels {@The Arcade}

Collar: [Miwas] Lisa Chain choker (Legacy, HG, Freya, Maitreya, Unrigged) {@Hentai Fair}

Top: [Miwas] Lisa Sheer Top (Legacy, Maitreya, Freya, HG) {@Hentai Fair}

Skirt: [Miwas] Lisa Zipper Skirt (Legacy, Maitreya, Freya, HG) {@Hentai Fair}

Leg Strap: [Miwas] Lisa Leg Strap Wide (Legacy, Hg, Mait, Unrigged, Freya) {@Hentai Fair}

Kitty: [SEmotion] Libellune Flying Kitty #1 RARE {@The Arcade}

Parfait…Hair ribbon: [uzu] All for you – ribbon band 2 (pink) {mainstore} *gacha item



Outfit: [On-Line] Sujin Look gacha – 11 (maitreya) {@Flora}



Building behind fence: [Minimal] Venice Building 2 7li {@The Arcade}*purchased.

Fence: [Fancy Decor] Smith Fence  1li each panel and connector, 2li for door. {@Collabor88

Building: [Fancy Decor] Studio Guest House (black) 17li {@Fameshed}


Cupboards (glass door): {what next} Amelie Armoire (linen) V.1 3li each {mainstore}

Bookshelf: {what next} Amelie Bookcase with decor 2li {mainstore}

Sideboard Table: {what next} Devon Sideboard 2li {mainstore} *FLF item

Center table: {what next} Devon Coffee Table 2li  {mainstore} *FLF item

Sidecircle table: {what next} Devon Side Table 1li {mainstore} *FLF item

IndoorPlants used: {what next} House plants 2 – Set of 3 1 – 2li {mainstore}

Heart shaped plaques: {what next}  Hanging Heart Decor – VIP Group Gift {mainstore}


Floral Chair: [e.marie] Vintage Vibes – Arm Chair 2li {@The Arcade}

Pink side chair: [e.marie] Vintage Vibes – Chair 2li {@The Arcade}

Blanket and newspaper behind chair: [22769] Floor Pillows – COMMON 2li {@The Arcade}

Mini Van: 2. [KraftWork] Tuscany 1969 . Vintage Car . Decor . RARE 54li {@The Arcade}


Items on center table…

Croissants: [ChicChica] #3 1li {@The Arcade}

Doughnuts: [ChicChica] #2RARE 1li {@The Arcade}

Cup of tea: [ChicChica] #8 1li {@The Arcade}

Sugar: [ChicChica] #12 1li  {@The Arcade}

Jam: [ChicChica] #16 1li {@The Arcade}

Tin: [ChicChica] #15 1li {@The Arcade}

Lipstick stand: [Dahlia] Dolled up – Lipsticks – Silver 16 2li {@The Arcade} *purchased.

Plant stand on books: [e.marie] Vintage Vibes – Moneyplant { copy } 1li {@The Arcade}

Radio: [e.marie] Vintage Vibes – Radio Pink { copy } 1li {@The Arcade}


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Unless stated otherwise above. 

**mesh body used in today’s post is the Maitreya mesh body (Satomi) and Legacy mesh body (Bear). Satomi is using the Genus Classic with Mudskin and Bear is using the Lelutka Nova with skin from Mila.


Supporting Cast


Satomi…Ears: [VCO] Lamb Ears – Skin *gacha item

Satomi…Hair: [DP Yumyum] L12

Satomi…Hair Buns: [pr!tty ]Boomi Buns Attachment – :un-rigged:

Pose (Satomi): [Konpeitou]  Poke Poke R

Pose (Parfait): [Insomnia Angel]  Kira 6m



Dream catcher dollie: [Ariskea] Perly DreamCatcher Dollie 1li

Table cloth: [Ariskea] Emi Cute dollie 1li

Rugs: [+Half-Deer+] Basic Rectangle Rug – Pinks (texture change) {Mainstore} *FLF ITEM

Wall unit with hangers: [dust bunny] laundry room cabinets . upper cabinet double 5li

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