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I did lots of overtime working on Thursday so that day was completely out for blogging and on Friday I got to play animal crossing all day long. It was amazing! I probably had too many silly snacks but I also binge-watched She-ra again. I didn’t think I would stay up so late watching something again, for the third time around, as if I hadn’t already watched it and knew what would happen but there you go. I did start Voltron too, another one I had been meaning to watch but never got past episode 3 of the first series. I also got to spend a lot of time in-world shopping and of course taking more pictures. Long story short, it was a fun day by ‘staying at home’ standards. That was all I’ve been doing. A well deserved day of slacking after the overtime of the day before which exhausted me again since I was working up till 9pm.

Today though, it’s back on the blogging cycle. I’m energised, I’m pumped and I’m ready for it. Are you? I hope so because here we go. I’ve always loved this outfit by Miwa so it was my inspiration for today’s picture. Naturally, I grabbed Satomi again and because she didn’t have anything equally uniform-ish and pink I let her borrow one of my gachas. That is an advantage of gacha items. It suited her so well. I should find more pink and cute things to put her through. It’s devilishly fun.

While I go back to looking for what I can torture her with next, why don’t you go through the credits below.



Headband: [Miwas] Tata Headphone {@Mainstore}

Plaster (nose): [Kotte] Band aid – nose {@Mainstore}

Earrings: [Momoko] Laura Earrings {@Mainstore}

Outfit: [Miwas] Tata Jacket and Skirt (legacy, maitreya, {@Mainstore}

Sundae: [Miwas] Tata Sundae {@Mainstore}

Pose: [Miwas] Tata Sundae – pose S07 {@Mainstore}

Bird companion: [SEmotion] Libellune Tropical Aratinga #3 Ultra Rare {@Anthem}


*all above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*mesh body used is the legacy mesh body combined with the Genus Strange mesh head using the ‘aiden’ skin by Bold and Beauty in cinnamon.


Supporting Cast

Satomi’s pose: [Insomnia Angel] Colours 2 -edited slightly (*group gift poses)

Satomi is wearing: [Zenith] Girl Heart Uniforms (Pink) -Maitreya

Her Hair: [Doux] Lulu Hairstyle

Backdrop: [Paleto] backdrop senpai 41li

Bear’s Hair: [Tram] J0513b hair

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