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Setting up Christmas

Our real world tree is up and sparkly and complete, it was meant to go up on the first. I cleared a space and everything. I was then very disappointed that it didn’t go up on that day. It was a majority vote that it get done the next day instead. I wasn’t in the majority vote, I just wanted to put that out there. I didn’t mind having to wait though I kind of did but I’m not bitter. That just sounds like I am though doesn’t it? I’m really not besides it’s up now and I’m so proud of how good it looks! How are your trees coming along? I want to see everyones real life trees. I wish that was a thing.

In-world I have already been decorating for a bit…I should have someone over just to show off the Christmas Decor. Should I just go out in-world and drag an unsuspecting soul to my Christmas Lair? How random a day would that be for the poor victim?

Stepping away from my plans for avatar kidnapping, lets talk about today’s picture. Today the image is focusing on items from a mixture of events namely, Tannenbaum and The Arcade. The Christmas trees are by Kraftwork and they impressed me, I can’t lie. As much as it is nice to be able to have a hand in meticulously decorating an in-world tree, it can be entirely fiddly and needs the utmost patience sometimes. This tree however…it’s like the Marks & Spencers of trees or something because imagine the surprise on my face when I rezzed the decor. I was readying myself to start attaching one item at a time and it rezzed, promptly did this sparkily magically thing, totally the scientific term for it, and boom! it’s on the tree.

By itself!…I swear!

So I thought it was some weird SL glitch and rezzed another decoration and it did it again! Whaatt?! This. This is definately the tree. Go get one. Right now. Tannenbaum. Kraftwork. Yup.

The sleigh and the presents are by Trompe Loeil (ahh I love this store too) their Arcade releases are always so reasonable per pull. We are all Trompe Loeil fangirls right? It’s okay, you’re here with friends. Confessions are good for the soul. Prepare to grab some nice Christmas decor to decorate your home because all the items are so cute. I really love this Sleigh, it’s my favourate and I also loved the milk and cookies sign. I also really loved the tent too because the work on that pillow is divine because the wrinkles are perfect. I haven’t pictured it in the post but here’s a quick peek. I included the Sleigh as well, couldn’t help it. Are the wrinkles on that pillow not the prettiest? It looks so soft and cushy.

Trompe Loeil – Ribbon Tent 11li

Oh here’s something really clever about the outfit, it’s also from The Arcade and it’s by Parfait. Indeed. It was a surprise the first time I realised there was a store with that name, this was a while ago now of course. It was a nice surprise thoughit tickled me at the time. The other thing that tickled me is this gacha set is called ‘Comfy Kuma’. Come on, there was no way on this sweet green earth I wasn’t going to blog this at least once, ha! It’s by a store called Parfait and it’s called comfortable bear on was on board that ship before it even set sail.

You thought I wasn’t going to blog something that has bear in it? or as it’s theme? or anything bear related? You lie. I’m here to tell you that’s one of my weaknesses and where I can you know I will. Resist? what is that word? I suffer a selective understanding where bear themed things are concerned. I giggled…that’s right I full on giggled when I read the name of the hat. Perfection.

I thought it would be so cute to add the worn lights, I love these body lights, I’ve been trying to find any excuse to blog these. I finally have a form fitting enough dress. Confession though, I did wear a different body size simply because I didn’t want it to get lost in the pose. So I had to change the body type I used.In the pack however there is a loose version for each body.




Wearable lights: [Pink Cream Pie] Ann Lights (Legacy, Maitreya, M.Petite) {@Tannenbaum}

Hat: [Parfait] Comfy Kuma Bear(et) CreamNT {@The Arcade}

Sweater dress: [Parfait] Comfy Kuma Keyhole Sweater (Maitreya, M.Petite, Legacy, L.Perky) {@The Arcade}

Socks: [Parfait] Comfy Kuma ThighHighs (Maitreya, M.Petite, Legacy, L.Perky) {@The Arcade}



Letter box: [Second Spaces] Holiday Prep – cards & gifts – standing box 1Li {@The Arcade}

Small potted trees: [KraftWork] Drum Planter . Red Snowy 3Li {@Mainstore}

Sign: [Trompe Loeil] Milk & Cookie Co. Sign 1Li {@The Arcade}

Carboard packages: [Second Spaces] Holiday Prep – packages piled 1Li {@The Arcade}

Box of presents: [Second Spaces] Holiday Prep – bag of gifts 1Li {@The Arcade}

Christmas Tree: [KraftWork] Christmas Tree . Tree {@Tannenbaum}

Ribbon decor: [KraftWork] Christmas Tree . Bows 4Li {@Tannenbaum}

Sparkly lights decor: [KraftWork] Christmas Tree . Lights {@Tannenbaum}

Star decor: [KraftWork] Christmas Tree . Stars 2Li {@Tannenbaum}

Bauble decor: [KraftWork] Christmas Tree . Balls 3Li {@Tannenbaum}

Ladder with lights: [Second Spaces] Holiday Prep – lights going well – bright 6Li {@The Arcade}



Supporting Cast

Pose used with much liberties: [Nya.Gore] Aww Boo 03




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