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Scary treats

Scary Treats

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Something scary is waiting to tickle your tastebuds into submission. The atmosphere may be spooky but it is equally inviting, the food may go ‘boo’ but you won’t be able to resit. It only tastes one taste. One taste and you’ll be ours forever.



The following items are by Refuge and available at Trick or Treat Lane.

Pumpkin Soup: [Refuge] – Pumpkin Soup 1li


The following listed items are by Ionic and available as a gacha at Equal10 event. The gacha set is called Halloween Party.

Spider cookies: [ionic] Chocolate spider cookies 3li

Place setting: [ionic] Halloween Cutlery 2li

Bat soda can: [ionic] Bat soda (a) 3li

White leaves on table: [ionic] Ghost leaves 2li

Teapot with legs: [ionic] Monster teapot 2li

Ghost cakes: [ionic] Ghost muffins 4li

Cake with knives: [ionic] Bloody cake 3li

Pumpkin table decor: [ionic] Pupmking table centerpiece  13li

Black cat board: [ionic] Black cat (a) 1li


The following items are by Ionic and available at the Mainstore from the Espirita gacha set.

Skull on chair: [ionic] Jewelled Skull 2li

Chairs: [ionic] 19th Century Chair 3li each

Pumpkins in cloche: [ionic] Autumn Pumpkins 10li

Caramel apples: [ionic] Caramel Apples 4li

Picture frame: [ionic] Victorian Frame (Gold) 4li

Pendulum: [ionic] Pendulo (Silver) 2li

Bookcase: [ionic] 19th Century Bookcase 13li

Crystal ball inside bookcase: [ionic] Victorian Crystal Ball 3li

Street lamp outside window: [ionic] 19th Century Street Lamp 5li

Building outside window: [ionic] Espirita Mansion RARE 120li


The following item is available at the Ionic mainstore and is not part of a gacha.

Build inside which current decor scene is located: [ionic] Downtown Cottage N27 {Pattern interior} 34li


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Grass: [HPMD] WildGrasses -green- a

Cheese plant: [dust bunny] potted cheese plant 4li

Hanging plants: [hive] hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark 5li each

Table: [dust bunny] autumns calling . wood table with tablecloth 7li

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