Say boo to a goose

Say boo to a goose

Today’s post is a simple selfie taking one. Do I take selfies in real life? Hardly ever. I’m rarely doing anything that requires it. I’m one of those people that feels like if I’m having lots of fun taking a selfie and sending it to someone is akin to rubbing it in their faces. I’m not about that.

The other times I would think of sending a selfie would be when you have your make up on point. Right? Yet, I don’t wear make up. Your look doesn’t get a massive change by just applying lipgloss and eyeliner. So it isn’t really anything selfie worthy. I do have a strange love for lipgloss. If my lips aren’t shining like a bug magnet I’m not happy. I think I would feel like kissing a tub of vaseline.

I do however take a lot of shots of ‘doing’ things. Like when I am making things or particularly proud of my cooked/baked masterpiece. My phone is filled with images of my feet my hands even things in my lap, my tea cups and everyone else yet little to none of me. Doesn’t really occur to me to take pictures of me.

I also can’t keep anything ‘unnatural to me’ up for very long. So as much as I wish I was an Instagram babe with selfies galore I would probably give up after a week or two. It’s why I’ve always started some months with the thought that I will attempt to learn the artistry of make up and always wear foundation and never step out of the house looking shabby.

I manage that four about a week and then just feel like rolling out of bed and being able to finish my look in 2 seconds is better than a 20 minute ordeal and continuous top ups/blotting through the day. Don’t start me on the inability to touch my face least I smudge my make up. I’m an eye rubber. I always remember that fact mid rub. Cue the trip to the bathroom to ‘fix’ it.

Simply because it is not natural to me and I’m making an effort to do it I fall out of it eventually. So for the near future people will be stuck with pictures of random items, rainbows and mini vids of me painting my nails. I will leave my bear in charge of the selfies.



Eyelashes: [Stardust] Juliet – Genus Eyelashes HUD (Catwa, Genus, Leluka) @Uber 

Leaf accessory: [La Baguette] Autumn Leaves Stickers @The Seasons Story

Lipstick: [Unicult] Spiced Lipstick @The Seasons Story

Necklace: [Ersch] Pumpkin Love Choker – Pearl @The Seasons Story

Necklace: [!Chambray] Halloween Top (Maitreya, Isis, Freya) @Collabor88


Here’s a .gif of the inworld shot with lights and materials enabled.


And here is a .gif without local lights on.


Supporting Cast

Backdrop: [FOXCITY.] Photo Booth – Dreamer (Magical Version) (Rez)

Pose: [Foxcity] Selfie VOL3-5

Hair: [Doux] Cordelia Hairstyle

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