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Santa’s little helper

Santa's little helper

santas little helper close 1

Today counts as the after party/ hangover day of Christmas. Have you had time to regret your choices from the day before? already thinking of those up coming resolutions one of which is to never look at another full plate of food again? No such luck for me. The celebrations continue today. Funnily enough my vice was not Christmas food this time. I was very good at moderating myself there and saying no thank you to more. It was the sweets after. They come in such small sizes that you don’t really think too hard about eating them. You get deceived into thinking well, they are only small but you eat, and you eat…usually while watching movies or playing all the games you got bought. You might even do it while realising that Chapters were running an advent calendar and you just found out when you happened to sign in and got a day pass that you had to use in a day.

The point is that you stop paying attention to what you’re doing until you end up with a big ol tummy ache. Like I did. I felt suitably punished.

But enough about my Christmas. How was yours? Did it all go well? Oh I hope it went so well. I hope you got a lovely gift even if it was something small. It is after all the thought that counts. I didn’t get any presents from my parents at all not a one. I’m trying not to be spoilt and get all moody about that because everyone else more than made up for it. My brother, my sister, my friends at work. I almost feel bad for doubting them during the last months. It will probably return, when I have to go back to work and deal with the fact that they may be making huge redundancies soon but it’s Christmas and that’s for the future. I’ll feel all depressed later at least it won’t be a surprise when I get to work next year. That’s sort of a Christmas gift too.

I’m also learning to be thankful for the things I don’t realise at first are gifts. Like the fact that I’m alive, my legs work, my brain works and so do my hands. I don’t have any great life altering problems. My life is relatively drama free and I have a roof over my head. I even managed to buy myself a birthday present because Sims Sale, 75% off, score! I’ll be taking one of those thank you very much. See, gifts are found just about everywhere really.

After Christmas is over though there is all the cleaning up, that’s not a gift. That’s so much work. So much rubbish to clear up, so much washing to do. I swear the boxes live in your house for a week later. What boxes you ask? surely you know what boxes I’m talking about? all the left over boxes that your gifts came in. They take up all the space. When you tally up everyone’s presents and all the gifts that were opened the living room is an absolute tip when it’s all over and done with.

It’s absolutely glorious!

For a sum total of one day. One day is about the time you can leave things laying around till you have to find bin space for all those boxes. I am going to need a Santa’s little helper of my very own. You on the other hand are lucky. I made you a little helper and she’s more than eager to get cleaning. Go gently with her though because she is very tiny and extremely ‘kawaii’. My gift to you!

Let me know how you both work out, I’ll see you all in the next few days as I get back to my regular schedule.



Eyes: [More x Cheezu] Kirara-tsurara: eyes 2  @Okinawa Winter Festival

Skin: [Pity Party] GingerSnap Candycane Tone 3 @The Epiphany (Gacha Key)

Earrings: [Pity Party] SugarCookie Candy cane *gacha item @The Epiphany (Gacha Key)

Earrings 2: [Paradiso] -Paradiso- Earcuff Red @Okinawa Winter Festival

Outfit: [Casse Lustre] Santa Girl (Maitreya, Legacy and Hourglass) @Okinawa Winter Festival

Candle (held & rezzed): [TeaBunny]  Festive Candle Buddy (Held/ Rez) @Okinawa Winter Festival

Santa: [MishMish] Santa 1li @Mainstore

Wine bottle & glass of red (resized): [Fancy Decor] Garnet Wine (touch for glass)

Large glass of champagne: [ChicChica] Glass of champagne DECO

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Mesh body used in this post is the Legacy female mesh body combined with Genus Baby mesh head. 

Extra close shots of the details you don’t get to see…

santas little helper closer still.png

The ear cuffs hiding beyond the camera angle and the cute candy cane eyeliner of the skin that matches the lips.


Supporting Cast

Tree: [Apple Fall] Heritage Christmas Tree – Spruce Green

Presents: [dust bunny] christmas presents

Hair: [Doux] Playful Hairstyle

Pose: [Serendipity] Alexandria 4 (*slightly edited by hold pose in held candle)

Cake: [dust bunny] berry cake . group gift

Heels and socks: [bonbon] cher heels (maitreya)


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