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Happy Tuesday and Happy Eid too. Today’s post took me a little while. I did try to do it on a tiny platform like a silly billy. It wasn’t working quite as I wanted it to so being the lazy bear I am I decided to go rent a plot of land for the week and pretend to be a sailing bear. I loved the fact that there were other boats around me and would you believe there was someone else with this boathouse too. My neighbour has excellent tastes if I do say so myself.

There were the usual problems that present themselves when dealing with environments that you have no control over but I managed fine. This pretty houseboat is by Trompe Loeil and it is at Collabor88’s current round. It’s got this gorgeously built front area with a lovely fireplace and surrounded by floor to ceiling glass. This means the sunsets and sunrises are going to be insane! The back is more enclosed for privacy but it still has a lovely rectangle window and two circular ones. It still gets views and light there too.

You can’t climb up to the top but I think with a little jig around here and there you could technically make a little hideaway up there. If all this isn’t making you think of tropical islands yet it’s okay. I got you because Nomad has these lovely hibiscus plants and just like that I’m nostalgic. Stick them on the wall, put them on the center table (or try to attach them to yourself who would know? there are no rules.)

You’ve probably guessed that this is another fashion and decor post by now so I’m going to talk a bit about the fashion aspects. Since the bearkin can’t be left out of anything at all it seems, they wanted to come sailing too (and photobomb apparently). The secret is out, we are totally having a boat party on a sponsors boat. Sshh, don’t tell. We will clean up so good no one will ever know.

The swimsuit is also from Collabor88 and made by Aleutia, it had these crazy neon patterns in the HUD that I fell in love with. The one pictured is my favourate. I didn’t take it off for 4 days. It’s so cute! The lounge chair with it’s soft pretty pillows and decor hat perched on the edge is by Kalopsia and is also available at Collabor88.

The shoes are by Pure Poison and at the Inithium event, I really really like those too. I get tropical vibes from it too. It reminds me of slippers but they aren’t slippers oh no, they are a very sexy step up.

Finally, something even I can appreciate, boiling in the swealtering heat over in the UK, ice cold drinks! What Next has the ice cold drinks we want but even better presented in the cutest cooler that I ever saw. Naturally I stuck with the Watermellon print because what is more summer than Watermellons. Prove me wrong.


Items available at Collabor88…

Boat: [Trompe Loeil] Jocosa Modern Houseboat PG 85Li {@Collabor88}
Lounge chair: [Kalopsia] Riviera Lounge Chair 3Li {@Collabor88}
Hat: [Kalopsia] Riviera Hat (deco) 1Li {@Collabor88}
Hibiscus Flower (potted): [Nomad] Hibiscus // Potted // White 2Li {@Collabor88}
Hibiscus Flower (wall): [Nomad] Hibiscus // Wall // Pink 2Li each {@Collabor88}

Hair: [Monso] Jenn Hair – Black & Red {@Collabor88}
Swimsuit: [Aleutia] Bae Swimsuit (L.Perky, Legacy, Kupra, Maitreya, M.Petite) {@Collabor88}
Fanny Pack: [Aleutia] Bae Fanny Pack (Kupra, Maitreya, M.Petite, Legacy, L.Perky) {@Collabor88}
Shoes: [Pure Poison] Ashley Platforms (Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink) {@Inithium Event}

Items from Mainstore…

Drinks: [What Next] Malibu Drink Cooler 1Li {@Mainstore}
Floor Lamp: [22769] Nautic Floor Lamp – COMMON 2Li {@Mainstore}
Rug: [22769] Boat House Coral Rug – COMMON 2Li {@Mainstore}
Magazine box: [22769] Box of Magazines – COMMON 2Li {@Mainstore}
Center Table: [Sayo] Summer in Santorini Gacha – Coffee Table {@Mainstore}
Bed: [Trompe Loeil] Exton Bed Dark PG 7Li {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
**Mesh body used is the Legacy Perky, Mesh head is the Lelutka Ryn.

Supporting Cast

Sofa: [Kazza]  TinyHouseCouch – sofa pg 14Li
Indoor potted plant: [Apple Fall] Aspidistra in Wicker Planter
Hanging plant (Bowls): [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . double planter 3Li
Hanging plant (ivy): [hive] hanging devil’s ivy plant . light 6Li (resized larger)
Magazine Rack: [Balaclava] Magazine Rack 1Li
Magazine stack: [Apple Fall] Stacked Magazines
Vanity Set and clutter used: [Dust Bunny] Violet Vanity
Clothing Rack: [Dust Bunny] clothing rack . colorful 18Li
Wall shelf used: [Dust Bunny] Florence Bedroom . Wall Shelf . Wood 3Li
Peg boards with picture frames used: [Dust Bunny] laundry room clutter . wall organizer . c 5Li and laundry room clutter . wall organizer . a 2Li
Folded towels: [Dust Bunny]  laundry room clutter . cloth stack 1Li each

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