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Purples are just a different shade of pink, right?! Like an upside down effect? Maybe. I have a soft spot for bits of purple and lots of lilac. All pastel colours really. The image for today played with purples and lilacs and whites and I tried to make it an interesting picture. What do you think about the colours.

The outfit is by Vincue and available at Spring Flair, it’s just so cute. I worried that it was quite daring but then I put it on my avatar and I thought woah…I love it! The slits are daringly sexy. I can’t begin to tell you how to find underwear for all the sexy that the skirt is. It’s beautifully and closely formed to the body. I wasn’t able to get away with any on my avatar but then sometimes you have to leave the underwear at the virtual skybox.

I also really love that when I put on the mask it went so well, I hadn’t initially thought to add it. It’s so pretty. All exquisitely made in elegant, thin metal you can get it at Collabor88 right now. It’s by LaGyo. In fact much of the accessories today are from Collabor88. The earrings, the lipstick, the mask. The headdress however is not. That is from Tentacio’s mainstore.

Can you see those really cute droplets? I love them, they added magic to everything. They are raindrops held in time. I love them so much. I love that they had different colours too. It’s by Lagom so grab them and have your very own frozen in time rain dance. They would even look great outside a window. Finishing it off, though you might not see the fuzzy fluffy white tail it is there and it is by Sweet Thing. It looks so cuddly I could cry I love it. I love the tail. Can my avatar be a cat girl instead or something? Can bears have long fuzzy tails? I want to sleep in this one.




♡ Eyelashes: [Stardust] Anime Eyelashes (Genus,Omega,Catwa) {@Mainstore}

Mask: [LaGyo] Mya Mask {@Collabor88}

Lipstick: [Sintiklia] Lipstick Nude -Genus {@Collabor88}

Earrings: [Random Matter] Bastet Earrings {@Collabor88}

Outfit: [Vincue] Lotie Set (Freya, Isis, HG, Maitreya) {@Spring Flair}

Hanging flowers (purple): [ keke ] summer party flowers . purple 4li {@Mainstore}

Ground flowers: [Keke] secret garden flower 2-3li each {@Mainstore}

Raindrops: [Lagom] Raindrops [ Purple ] 1li {@Mainstore}

Pose: [Serendipity] Adine 5 {@Mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

**mesh body used in today’s post is the Maitreya Lara with the Genus Baby Mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Headdress: [Tentacio] Orchid Headpiece

Hair: [Doe] Neon Queen – Candy RARE

Eyes: [Mila] Galaxy Eyes


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