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Round ours for Christmas

Round ours for Christmas

This post took me a bit of time because I fussed over it for so long. It wasn’t quite right every time. Spoiler alert it was fine. I’m just ridiculously fussy I guess. I wasn’t actually sure what it was missing, if it was missing anything at all or if I had just been staring at it for so long I just couldn’t tell anymore. All this even after sleeping on it.

So much for dawn’s clarity.

I ended up getting a second opinion that at least ended my fussing. They said it was okay so I am at least going to assume that to be the case. I hope you like it too because these set of items are simply gorgeous. It’s beautiful in every way.

The image features items from Fancy Decor and Kraftwork’s Collaborative gacha set currently at The Arcade. It also includes more featured items that went really well with the scene. These are of course, also from the Arcade. However, before you think it is all only items from The Arcade, there are also items from other events too. They are all listed in the credits so if you would like to skip to them ahead of time, you can. In the mean time I’m going to wittle on because I’m kind of excited by the whole thing. I tried to get everything in matching colours and in the dark I loved the warm glow the lighting added to everything. I usually like to turn those off because sometimes they don’t work with the lighting I’m trying to set for the picture. This was one of the times when it did. It felt intimate in a way. Cozy.

Exciting…like that moment you walk into the office christmas party because they set it all up in a fancy hotel ball room and the lights and table settings combine to make you feel like you’ve stepped into an experience for all of your senses. You can barely guess what comes next. I mean, is that just me? I mean I haven’t had many, granted but I find them exiciting. Maybe I need to get out more. Anyway, I do. I find them exciting at least till half time. I mean I’ve been to one of those things and once the magic of the banquetting is gone, everyone gets drunk and parties on in the ultimate of embarassing ways. They also make liasions they shouldn’t.


Till then at least, till it all goes down hill, the anticipation and wonderment is the best thing ever. So, if you want to impress round yours this Christmas season and host the prettiest looking table in Second Life, you know where you need to go.



The following listed items are available from the current December round of {@The Arcade}

Build: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 01 Fete d’hiver Pavilion RARE 64Li
Table: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 02 Fete d’hiver Dining Table RARE 7Li
Table extension: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 02 Fete d’hiver Table Extension 2Li
Chair (red): [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 03 Fete d’hiver Tartan Chair 3Li
Chair (beige): [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 04 Fete d’hiver Linen Chair 3Li
Rug: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 14 Fete d’hiver Persian Rug 5Li
Console table (against wall): [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 19 Fete d’hiver Console 5Li
Noel sign: [Plaaka] NoelSign 1Li*
Candles on console table: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 20 Fete d’hiver Floor Candle 3Li

Cake: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 12 Fete d’hiver Winter Cake 1LI
Plate settings (red plate): [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 06 Fete d’hiver Place Setting 2 2Li
Plate setting (beige plate with bowl): [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 08 Fete d’hiver Place Setting 4 1Li
Plate setting (beige plate with plate): [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 07 Fete d’hiver Place Setting 3 1Li
Side plate with bow and cutlery: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 10 Fete d’hiver Napkin 1Li each
Candle centerpiece: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 18 Fete d’hiver Centerpiece 6Li
Glass tiered mini foods stand: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 15 Fete d’hiver Finger Food Tray 2Li

Wine glass with candle inside: [ChicChica] LightUp # 13 2Li
Wine glass with candy cane inside: [ChicChica] LightUp # 4 1Li
Wine glass: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 17 Fete d’hiver Wine Glass 1Li
Drinking glass: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 17 Fete d’hiver Drink Glass 1Li
Tray with mini presents: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 11 Fete d’hiver Mini Gift Tray 2Li
Tea pot and mugs: [Merak] – Hot Chocolate Delight B 3Li*

Sled with presents: [Chez Moi] Sled with Gifts 3Li
Pile of pillows: [Chez Moi] Floor Pillows 2Li
Wreath with bells: [Fancy Decor & Kraftwork] 13 Fete d’hiver Wreath 4Li each


The following items are to be found in the listed places below…

Cookie tree: [What Next] Cookie Tree Centrepiece (stand) 1Li {@Mainstore}
Christmas tree: [Refuge] MSC Tree Frosted Green 5Li {@Fameshed}
Hanging center lights: [KraftWork] Glass Globe Chandelier . Brass Festive 5Li each {@Anthem}
Cloche winter scene with deer: [+Half-Deer+] Winter Woodland Terrarium – Deer (no light) 1Li {@Santa Inc}


*The above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Where Items have been purchased I have included an ‘*’.


Suporting Cast

Tulips: [West Village] Spring Tulips – Yellow 4Li
Wreath: [Apple Fall] Magnolia Leaf Wreath 4Li
String lights: [floorplan] curved string lights / colors 2Li


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