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Everyone deserves to have a place they can relax in, where the furniture is plush and refined and the air is filled with the sweet smell of flowers. I hope you have fun with this room and we’ve even left you something to read and something to nibble on.

Please read on for the credits list.


Items available from Collabor88

ChairsFancy Decor – Bernard Armchair – Black (PG)* 5li

Standing lampFancy Decor – Bernard Floor Lamp* 1li

Books on the side table (near giraffe plant)Fancy Decor: Bernard Books* 1li

Wall PanelSAYO – Parsons Panel – Wall 03* 1li each

Fern on circle tableSoy – Voluminous Potted Ferns [B] with gold stand* 2li

Pink leaved plant: Merak – White Ceramic Vase* 2li

Candles on tableFancy Decor – Bernard Candle* 3li (1li each)

Garland on wall: Half-Deer – Monstera Deliciosa – Gold – Garland (Horizontal)* 3li



Items from The Arcade

Aloe plant on shelf: 17 Fancy Decor: Jones Aloe Plant 2li (gacha)

Lamp on shelf: 06 Fancy Decor: Jones Lamp 1li (gacha)

Tumblers on second  shelf: Madras – 06 GoldFrab Tea Tumbler Decor 1li (gacha)

Pillow on chair: 15 Fancy Decor: Jones Pillow A 1li (gacha)

Disks on center table: BAMSE – Fixer – Software 2li (gacha)

CatMutresse – Exhausted-Shortie Cats 1li (gacha)


Side tableFancy Decor: Watson Side Table* 1li



Group gifts/Free Gifts

Fragrance stick (on shelf)/ frag.ment’s / – Aromatherapy ( Rain ) 2li

White Coral statue (on shelf): Apple Fall  – Coral Specimen 1li

Wine bottles & opener (on center table): Apple Fall – Argentinian Malbec 1li

Macroons & notebook (on chair)Apple Fall – Macarons on Sketchbook 1li

CakeApple Fall – Kiwi & Blueberry Cheesecake 1li



Supporting items

Desk with shelves (against the wall): / frag.ments’ / – Bachelor Desk 1li

Lounger (the cat’s claimed it)Fancy Decor – Tartt Lounger 6li

Bottle and folder clutter (on lounger)SAYO – Summer in Santorini Gacha – Welcome Goods 3li (gacha)

Circle side table (white)Ariskea & Unkindness – [Solace] Iron table 1li

Center table: Peaches – Rustic Reclaimed Table – Dark 2li

Rug: 7. Apple Fall – Patchwork Rug 2li (gacha)

Cheese plant in cornerdust bunny – potted cheese plant 4li

Giraffe planter: {vespertine} – thrift store giraffe planter – pencil cactus/color 1li

Magazine stack with headphonesFancy Decor & Commoner – Slater Magazines 1li

RosesApple Fall – Roses Box (Pink) 1li

Gold basket with books insideKalopsia – 3.Goldie’s Basket 2li



‘*’ indicates items that have kindly been provided for review/blogging purposes.


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