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Guys, I’m so sorry for the long (long for blogging anyway) absence. I am not going to lie to you, I am absolutely exhausted. I am so beaten by work I don’t know what way is up and what way is down. My Wednesday rolled into Friday without me really feeling much distinction in days. I usually do not work Fridays. I even worked on Saturday.

My eyes feel crossed over right now because I’ve just rolled out of work right into doing the credits for this picture which I took like last week. You remember early last week? that time when I was enjoying time off and it was great? That’s good…Cause I don’t!

Home-working is a lie, I swear I am working a whole lot harder than I did while I was at work. There is also no real ‘home time’. I have rarely finished on time for a while. That time off I had didn’t even happen. It feels like I was never off at all. I have been deprived of Flickr, my animal crossing, I haven’t even checked my personal emails in ages. Well not since last week.

I have so much work coming in to keep track of that I’m dizzy at the end of the day. What did I do with my weekend that just went by? Well, I spent one day sleeping uselessly because tired. Then I spent Sunday taking more pictures in order to get back on track all with the thought that today. I can’t lie to you, that was an amazing day, I got like four pictures done in one day. I was incredibly impressed with myself. I was so efficient in fact that I said, at 11pm that day…”I’ll go to bed now because I should be able to do credits and work at the same time.” LIES!

Today it was all work! It feels like two days went by instead of one, haha. I still have things outstanding from today that I will just have to go back on and do before bedtime tonight. Can I just…fall asleep on you? I think you’ll be soft. I can? really??! you’re so kind.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some Cubic Cherry goodness. I had a ball playing with all those materials, can you tell? I’m not even subtle, am I? Not even a little. Cubic Cherry is the best for playing with materials. Some items are from the main-store and some are from events so it’s a nice mixture of both. I also took the image up as close as I could because, details. The details are, for lack of a better word, lush. I loved the fact that you could change the glow colours in Edit. It gives such great flexibility for colour choices.



Visor: [Cubic Cherry] Artificial Soul – visor black {@Mainstore} *gacha item

Eyes: [Lotus] Oracul Eyes – 16 – RARE {@The Arcade} *gacha item

Nose Piercing: [Cubic Cherry] Pulse Piercings – Black {@TMD}

Jaw attachment: [Cubic Cherry] Moren Jawbone – Dark {@Mainstore}

Wrist console: [Tentacio] Vania Cyborg – arm terminal black {@Mainstore} *gacha item

FloatingOrb: [Tentacio] Sebaciel – Silver Orbe {@Mainstore} *gacha item

Blue light shield: [Asteroid Box] Summoner Set – Protection Sheild – Blue {@Mainstore} *gacha item

Pose: [Stardust] Pure – Bento poses {@Mainstore}

Skin used: [Glam Affair] Sasha – Lelutka – 012b {@The Arcade} *gacha item


Items in the background used together…

Chamber: [Tentacio] Vania Cyborg – Cryogenic chamger {@Mainstore} *gacha item

Panel behind chamber: [Asteroid Box] Summoner Set – Summoning Board – Blue {@Mainstore} *gacha item


*all above listed items have been/were kindly provided by creators for blogging purposes and as such have been listed above.

*mesh head used is the Lelutka Evo Nova mesh head. 


Supporting Cast

Lipgloss: [Ives] Ravenous Tint *vip group gift

Eyeshadow: Default eyeshadows in Lelutka HUD for mesh head Nova EVO

Hair: [Doux] Rehab

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