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Because I don’t like myself I’m back with another large post. I’m kidding, I do like myself, sometimes though my gleefull enjoyment for large scenes makes me wonder. It’s all fun and games when I’m setting it up. It takes a few days and I have barrells of fun. Till the time when I realise just how many images are going to come from it and just how intensive the credits will get. At that point in time I start to rethink my exhuberance. Still, I’m ahead of my schedule for now and I’m rather excited about that. I can afford to indulge myself I think.

Today’s feature is Lagom’s Gacha entry for the Epiphany that has been running for a few weeks now. If you haven’t been, you’re well overdue. Gacha’s will be leaving soon and this set is really cute. It’s extreemly useful too because bedroom decor! The other part of today’s feature is the outfit and boots by Cubic Cherry available at two events currently running at the moment. Those boots are so lush! the cute detailing on the side is just chef’s kiss and I adore them.

Finally and by no means least I’m featuring items from the new round of Collabor88. Did you know it’s the birthday round? no? really?! we are two days in, three depending on how you count or your timezone. You really need to visit, the scene is amazing. It’s so good. When I landed in there I thought I was in the wrong place for a moment. It’s very pretty, I wasn’t expecting it. Usually the birthday round has a certain layout. That’s not what I got this time. Birthday rounds at C88 are the best rounds!

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I can’t stay and chat too long because it’s image heavy and comes with a fair few credits so I’ll let you make your way through the shopping list.  I’m having a very good evening, I’m now hooked on a game called Summer in Mara. I managed to throw away over half my day on the Saturday gone and was surprised to find it was suddenly 3pm in the afternoon and I hadn’t done a single thing all day. Anyway, Credits time, buckle up!



Hair: [Vanity Hair] Canica {@Collabor88}
Headphones: [CryBunBun] Usagiphones {@Collabor88}
Top: [Cubic Cherry] Muny Shirt – PInk 1 (Jake, LegacyF, LegacyM, Maitreya flat, Maitreya petite, Maitreya) {@Planet29}
Bottoms: [Cubic Cherry] Muny Pants – Pink1 (Jake, Legacy F, Legacy M, Maitreya, Legacy F with bulge, Maitreya with bulge) {@Planet29}
Boots: [Cubic Cherry] Aether boots (Maitreya, Legacy M & F, Kupra, Jake, Gianni, Geralt, Freya) •14 colors available {@The Crystal Heart Festival}


Items from Lagom’s ‘Nordic Walk-in’ set {@The Epiphany}

working from the window side…
[Lagom] 08. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Closet piece F ] 1Li
[Lagom] 16. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Wall lights ] (3 used in image) 3Li each
[Lagom] 06. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Closet piece D ] 2Li
[Lagom] 07. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Closet piece E ] 1Li

[Lagom] 13. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Hanger D ] 2Li
[Lagom] 11. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Hanger B ] 4Li
[Lagom] 10. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Hanger A ] 3Li
[Lagom] 12. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Hanger C ] 2Li

[Lagom] 21. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Bench ]  3Li
[Lagom] 01. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Bed Adult ] Rare 17Li (pg also available)
[Lagom] 20. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Stool ] 1Li

Lipstick clutter (3rd shelf from the btm): [Lagom] 17. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Makeup lipsticks ] 1Li
Make up palettes: [Lagom] 19. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Makeup Pallets ] 1Li
Mannequin bust (next shelf): [Lagom] 18. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ head piece ] 3Li

Build used: [Lagom] 02. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Skybox ] Rare 7Li

Decor items from {@Collabor88}

Neon leaf 1 (top): [Disorderly] Spring Glow / 1 / Single 1Li
Neon leaf 2 (middle): [Disorderly] Spring Glow / 2 / Single 1Li
Neon leaf 3 (bottom): [Disorderly] Spring Glow / 3 / Single 1Li


More Items from Lagom …

Open eyeshadow palette (3rd shelf from the btm): [Lagom] 07. Lagom – L’ete a Paris [ Makeup Palete ] 1Li {@Mainstore}
Make up brushes: [Lagom] 06. Lagom – L’ete a Paris [ Makeup brushes ] 1Li {@Mainstore}

Clothing shelf (wall): [Lagom] Cramped hallway [ Hanger ] 10Li {@TLC}
Small picture frame on wall with keys: [Lagom] Cramped hallway [ Frame ] 1Li {@TLC}
White standing shoebox in corner: [Lagom] Cramped hallway [ Shoebox ] 2Li {@TLC}

More items available at mainstores

Ball under shoe: [+Half-Deer+] Beach Ball – Pastel (unscripted) 1Li {@Mainstore}
Sleeping bunny: [MishMish] Bunny Plushie – Sleeping / Cream 1Li {@Mainstore}
Pink hairbrush: [+Half-Deer+] Makeup Clutter – Hair Brush (rez) {@Mainstore}
Heart shaped boxes…
{what next} Heart Shaped Gift Box (pink flwrs) 1Li {@Mainstore}
{what next} Heart Shaped Gift Box (kisses) 1Li {@Mainstore}
{what next} Heart Shaped Gift Box (dots 1) 1Li {@Mainstore}
Stacked Hat box: {what next} Madeleine Hatbox (stack) 1Li {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes.
**Mesh body used is the Maitreya Lara. Mesh head used is the Lelutka Briannon. Skin used Mila’s ‘Taty’ in Toffee for Lel EvoX

Supporting Cast

Hairbase: [Lelutka] Hairbases – Lel EvoX BOM – 029 (*part of Lel head pack)
Pose: [Indigo] Nina Pose 5
Blush: [Enfer Sombre] Lelutka EvoX blush – summer

Uniform/pantie clutter on bed: [BackBone] Seifuku Dress – Pink 2Li & BackBone Seifuku Panties – Pink Stripes 1Li
Make up bag (2nd shelf from the btm): [dust bunny] violet vanity makeup bag 1Li
Make up clutter: [dust bunny] violet vanity makeup palettes 2Li
Tea Crate: [dust bunny] special occasions . gardener kit . tea crate RARE 4Li
Sandwiches: [dust bunny] summer picnic deli sandwiches 2Li
Make up box: [tres blah] Jolie – Makeup Organizer 1Li
Shoe clutter: [BackBone] Seifuku Shoes – White & Pink 2Li
Tiered makeup case next to bust: [Kalopsia] Kaboodle Makeup Case (Blush) 3Li
Carpet:[DDD] Furry Rugs – Low LOD 1Li

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