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It has been a little while since I submitted a Home and Decor post so, here’s a second one for you. Simply because I appreciate both my fashion lovers and my Home and Decor lovers equally. Today’s image is featuring items from Fancy Decor and Refuge. I thought they complimented each other quite well in colours and so I put them together in the corner of my new linden home. That’s right, new. I actually changed it. I have been in the boat house for so long that I finally decided to change it up a bit and see what it would be like living somewhere different. At least before my premium membership runs out. I believe it will be coming to an end at some point and then I really will be stuck won’t I?

The colours are all creams, greys, blacks and pinks mixed in with browns and greens from the plants. Since the colours felt cool bit sweet I decided to choose a cool colour windlight for the image. I love how grown up the table area is, like I could ever be that posh. I think the legs on the table are so pretty and the draw is so long and thin. It’s really elegant. The rabbit eared clock is also a favourate item and that’s by Refuge. It’s so cute and tiny but so adorable. At the same time it doesn’t even look remotely out of place on the elegant furniture.

The picture frames I left blank intentionally because that’s where your pictures are going, not mine. You don’t want to see my avatar’s mug in there. This is where you want to imagine your pictures going. I bet you have the perfect picture for it as well. I love the framed picture on the wall because it reminds me of the time I went to the museum. I got to see all these lovely old sketches behind framed glass and I felt really rather special. It’s difficult to explain. There is something about staring at orignal things that are precious and old, that you aren’t allowed to just touch but just stare at in reverance.

Oh yes! I also went shopping at Kustom9 too because I’m ridiculously obsessed with playing Haikei gachas whenever a new one is out. I snuck some of my purchases into the scene because it went quite well with it but also because…why not? One day, I might stop this addiction with Haikei gacha. Luckily I stop at three and stay under ten always.

It’s dinner time for me so I’m going to leave you with the credits for now and I’ll be back to see you again soon.



Mounted Picture frame on wall: [Fancy Decor] Nelsen Print 1Li {@Collabor88}

Lamp on left:  [Fancy Decor] Nelsen Lamp 1Li {@Collabor88}

Small picture frames:  [Fancy Decor] Nelsen Frame 1Li {@Collabor88}

Desk:  [Fancy Decor] Nelsen Desk 4Li {@Collabor88}

Desk mat: [Fancy Decor] Nelsen Desk Matt 1Li {@Collabor88}

Vase: [Fancy Decor] Nelsen Vase 1Li {@Collabor88}

Stacked boxes:  [Fancy Decor] Nelsen Decorative Boxes 1Li {@Collabor88}

Stool: [Fancy Decor] Nelsen Bench Stool 1Li {@Collabor88}


Potted plant on table: [Refuge] Kara’s Room Plant 1Li {@The Epiphany}

Star shaped candles: [Refuge] Kara’s Room Star Candles 3Li {@The Epiphany}

Small lamp: [Refuge] Kara’s Room Lamp White 1Li (*this has been resized down) {@The Epiphany}

Pink Lamp on Right: [Refuge] Kara’s Room Lamp Coral 1Li (normal size) {@The Epiphany}

Clock on table: [Refuge] Kara’s Room Clock 1Li {@The Epiphany}

Basket: [Refuge] Kara’s Room Basket w Lights 1Li {@The Epiphany}

Rug used under table: [Refuge] Kara’s Room Rug White 5Li (heart shaped) {@The Epiphany}


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes.

Supporting Cast

Chair/Sofa seat: [Haikei] :HAIKEI: COMFORT ZONE / GACHA / 1-A

Soft towel bag (on table shelf): [Haikei] :HAIKEI: COMFORT ZONE / GACHA / 3-B

Cabinet: [ Apple Fall ] Joshua Cabinet – Stripped Oak 2Li each

Palm plant: [ Apple Fall ] Aspidistra in Wicker Planter

Hanging Monstera plant: [Mithral] Hanging Monstera Adansonii (Pack C) 3Li

Hanging Ivy plant: [Mithral] Hanging Philodendron Hederaceum (Pack C) 3Li



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