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Quiet Oasis

Quiet Oasis

Today’s scenery is based on a desert scenery. Should you be lucky enough to have an oasis in the middle of the dessert propped up high on a tiled balcony area, maybe it might look like this. Oasis’ in the desert have always been fascinating to me since most people only seem to see them when they are parched dry and dying of thirst.

At least it has been so in most of the films or cartoons I’ve ever scene. They are usually as magical as the cave of wonders in Aladdin’s tale. Do I think there are bamboo trees in a dessert oasis? Probably not and yet they worked there so I let them be. They aren’t hurting anyone. Besides, it’s my oasis and my mirage brought to life.

I imagine my balcony set up high much like the hanging gardens of babylon. So that drop beyond the dunes is quite high, watch how you go. The building used is by Trompe Loeil and I’m focused on the front area with the pool. I’m in love with the pool area it’s so relaxing so of course it was the first section I naturally headed towards decorating. The lush greenery is provided by a mixture of plants from What Next, Vespertine, Dust Bunny and also a gift from Heart. If I remember right it was picked up from Fameshed’s 7th anniversary gifts.

The seating area furniture is a collection of items from Collabor88’s new round, they are so good. The kind of good where you bite your pinky finger because they are so ‘good’. This is where the theme of the whole image comes from. It is from the current Collabor88 theme. So good. SO good. This is why Collabor88 is one of my favourate events. The themes are so good.

I’m featuring a range of items from the ever beautifully crafted Fancy Decor & Commoner items to more Trompe Loeil realness. Half Deer (I’m sure you can spot Half Deer’s signature style) is in here too and also some items from Disorderly. Lets go through the listing together.




Building: [Trompe Loeil] Genoveva Hacienda Poolhouse PG 86li @C88

Seats: [Trompe Loeil] Genoveva Chair PG 4li @C88


Center table: [Fancy Decor & Commoner] Indio Coffee Table 1li @C88

Vase short: [Fancy Decor & Commoner] Indio Pottery B 1li @C88

Vase tall: [Fancy Decor & Commoner] Indio Pottery A 1li @C88

Candle: [Fancy Decor & Commoner] Indio Candle 2li @C88

Carpet: [Fancy Decor & Commoner] Indio Rug 1li @C88


Catus Balloons (placed in vase A ) 1: [Disorderly] Party South / Single / Tall Cactus 1 1li (resized smaller) @C88

Catus Balloons (placed in vase) 2: [Disorderly] Party South / Single / Short Cactus 4 (resized smaller) @C88


Donkey: [+Half-Deer+] Mini Donkey – Sorrel – Lay Down 1li @C88


Potted plants (stands) – Ivy beside chair: {what next} Pothos Plant (stand) 2li

Potted plants (stands) -cheese plant in foreground: {what next} Swiss Cheese Plant (stand) 3li


Catus (on ground next to books): [Fancy Decor & Commoner] Indio Cactus Planter 2li @C88

Open magazine on ground: [Fancy Decor & Commoner] Indio Magazine 1li @C88

Stack of books: [Fancy Decor & Commoner] Indio Books 1li @C88


Cabinet: [Madras] Maxi Table @Equal10

Flower vase on top of cabinet: [Madras] Maxi Ring Frame Flower Decor @Equal10

Candle on Cabinet: [Madras] Maxi Brass Candle holder @Equal10

Lions head: [Madras] MaximiLion Statue Decor @Equal10

*the items from Madras, though listed separately are in a Linked Set in this image and the total land impact for this set is 5li


**all above listed items have been provided by Creators for blogging review purposes.


Supporting Cast


Hanging plants from left to right….

  • hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark 3li
  • {vespertine}- hanging pothos. 4li
  • Heart Summer Hanging Basket – White-Blue 6li (gift from Heart booth@ fameshed)
  • hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark 3li
  • dust bunny darling hanging plant 5li


Plant behind chair: [dust bunny] elephant ear plant 3li

Cheese plant in picture foreground on the right: [dust bunny] potted cheese plant 4li

Bamboo Trees: [taikou] bamboo tree (single) 2li each

Fencing: [Apple Fall] Hartley Fencing (as pictured post is 3li, fence is 2li per each)

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