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Quiet entertainment

Quiet entertainment

It’s so warm today. I’m melting. Absolutely melting. I’m having daydreams of starfishing in a shallow pool of cool water. It’s an extreemly nice thought. I thought I would share that with you all.

The feature of today’s image is this entertainment unit by Lagom, it comes in different panel textures such as glass, wood and of course marble. Marble is my favourate. Usually I would go for glass, right? Well, this time it seems I broke with the usual and went marble. I liked it because it went really well with my Onsu house. Very complimentary, very classy.

We’ve also got pretty wall art from Fancy Decor and suddenly my home suddenly went arty as well as classy. You wouldn’t think I had a pink thing to my name. I spent a little time trying to analyse the artwork, like people do in art galleries. However, I could only imagine it was water, a splash of water. I also thought of cool thin iregular glass over equally thin slate with spilled liquid gold lines. It made me wonder if I might have seen something completely different in it on a non-sweltering sort of day. I rather like my thoughts on it though, so I probably wouldn’t want to change it. Right now cool/cold thoughts bring comfort.

Then came the circular sculpture and I had the thought that today must obviously be a day for minimalistic design because every item so far seemed so thin, delicate and elegant. It might also have been the heat inspiring a minimalistic look…I mean it is possible.

How else can we explain the pretty succulents and Cacti from What Next? I had to get those in because they really suit the current temperature. They also feel like having a bit of the exotic wild desert indoors. There’s probably a lot of subconsious thoughts under the surface, it might explain why I didn’t think to just add a pool indoors. It was probably far too unsubtle.

If you could put a pool right in the middle of your room though…would you?



Entertainment unit: [Lagom] Tv shelf [ Marble ] 2li {@Belle}

Picture: [Fancy Decor] Luann Art 1li {@Uber}

Circle sculpture: [Fancy Decor] Luann Sculpture 1li {@Uber}

Geometric shapes in gold: [ keke ] geometrics . gold 1li {@Mainstore}

Crystal stands: [ keke ] crystal on stick 3 . gold 1li {@Mainstore}

Cactus bowl: {what next} Oasis Bloom – Succulent Planter 2li {@Mainstore}

Tall Cactus (middle): {what next} Oasis Bloom – Tall Cactus Planter 1li {@Mainstore}

Star sculpture: [ keke ] morning star . gold 1li {@Mainstore}

Cactus (on ground): {what next} Oasis Bloom – Prickly Pear Cactus Planter 3li {@Mainstore}

Side table: [Fancy Decor] Rameau Side Table 3li {@Mainstore}


Supporting Cast

Rug: 7. Apple Fall Patchwork Rug 2li

Building: Onsu ~ “Downtown” Skybox ~ Smaller Texture Ver 97li

Frame in background: Apple Fall Botanical Study 1 1li

Chair: Apple Fall Wingback Chair 5 3li

Books on top shelf: Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 3 1li

Books on middle shelf: Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 1 1li

Books lower shelf: Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2 1li

Flowers in vase on side table: Apple Fall Hydrangea Bunch – White 2li

Newspaper: Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper 1li


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