Protecting the Princess


So today’s picture was just a bit of Arcade fun, I wanted to have a fun ‘virtual cosplay’ moment so here came my Lara Croft/Indiana Jones meets rugged adventurer moment. Guess who’s being dragged in as the ‘princess’ ha! it’s so funny but I love the indulgence of a semi naked princess and my avatar as the tough lead. In real life I’m not tomboyish in the least but those are a cute pair of shorts and a gorgeous slinky top. I even love the pigtails. I like that although it seems tomboyish it’s also still feminine. I do love the second look too, I might have had my avatar wear that and swapped roles except I had already picked the lead, first dibs. I tried to minimise her bust because the skin did have a lot of definition and clevage for the gods. I wanted to keep the image somewhat safe still and leave things hinted at rather than being too visible. Secondly, do you see the hips on her??!

Of course I couldn’t have a complementary scene without bringing in our little friend here. The colours on him are amazing, he’s stealing the foreground with how beautiful he is. He’s a Chameleon and I’m naming him Des. I know he’s virtual but I just want to pick him up and coo over him. You know…we’ve got room for one more person, who will you be in this adventure?



Worn by Bear

Hat: [Tentacio] Shayana hat {@The Arcade}
Pigtail Hair: [Buing] Fanatic gacha. hair RARE {@The Arcade}
Neckscarf: [Ersch]Killing Gacha {Legacy} scarf {@The Arcade}
Jacket: [Ersch] Killing Gacha {Legacy} Vest RARE {@The Arcade}
Wrist guards: [Una] Warmers (Legacy) Black Gold {@The Arcade}
Top: [Pure Poison] – Iulia Top – Legacy – Perky {@Uber}
Waist chain: [Ersch] Killing Gacha {Legacy} Belt Chain {@The Arcade}
Shorts: [Pure Poison] Iulia Pants – Legacy {@Uber}
Belt: [Ersch] Killing Gacha {Legacy} Belt {@The Arcade}
Boots: [Una] Dove Boots (Legacy) Black Gold {@The Arcade}
Gun andstrap: [AsteroidBox] Grim Garter Gun – Maitreya – Gold (no pants) {@Mainstore}
Hammer: [AsteroidBox] Grim Hammer – Right Hand – Gold {@Mainstore}
➥Chameleon: [SEmotion] Libellune Chameleon #1 RARE {@The Arcade}


Satomi is wearing…

Veil: [Moon Amore] BellyDance / Harem Veil-Sky {@The Arcade}
Veil face: [Moon Amore] BellyDance /Harem Face Veil -Sky {@The Arcade}
Panties: [Moon Amore] BellyDance / Derbake Panty -Pure {@The Arcade}
Silks skirt: [Kaithleen’s] 20. Kaithleen’s Anytime Silks Skirt – Green Maitreya Lara {@The Arcade}
Leg garters: [Moon Amore] BellyDance / Ornament Garters (R & L) GOLD {@The Arcade}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes. Mesh bodies used are Legacy Petite (Bear) and Maitreya Lara (Satomi). Mesh heads are Genus classic (satomi) and lelutka ryn (bear)


Supporting Cast

(Bear) Pose 1: [Micamee] Hyunna 4
(Satomi) Pose 2: [Foxcity] spirited away 6
Backdrop: [Paleto] Backdrop:.Amizmiz 82li
Palm plants: [Dust Bunny] potted palm
Small potted palm: [Varonis] Tropical Bliss / Fan Palm

Hair: [Doux] Lulu Hairstyle (satomi)

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