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pink in dreams websiteI’ve had a short break simply because I’ve had to wait on a delivery for my computer . While I missed taking pictures and blogging horrendously I also realised, quite profoundly too, that I would not have gotten a single thing done in those days. Not a one.

It had been far too hot. In fact today is the hottest day. I spent most of those days indecently covered while sweltering like a hog on a spit. I fumed over the lack of timely deliveries, the lack of ice cream, the lack of an adequately functioning fan. I wanted to lay in the bath for surely at least that would be cold porcelain.

I dreamt about showers that kept you cool for ages after because surely my shower was defective. I had lukewarm showers only for it to practically evaporate off my skin in waves of heat five minutes after exiting the cubicle. However now that my computer is able to continue it’s work again then so should I.

With this in mind here is today’s image. It’s pink, there’s a splash and there’s Cubic Cherry. Cubic Cherry is at The Epiphany with this adorably dreamy gacha set for Maitreya. If you don’t use the Maitreya body there are still items you’ll want from this gacha like the fetching crown and the spattering of stars around the head. The stunningly made umbrella that comes with it’s own pose. There is also the ribbon clad jar of stars and stardust.

Lets get you shopping as soon as possible by heading towards the credits….right….





Umbrella: 02[Cubic Cherry] {Starstruck} umbrella RARE @The Epiphany

Crown: 13[Cubic Cherry] {Starstruck} headgear @The Epiphany

Stars (head): 14[Cubic Cherry] {Starstruck} star aura @The Epiphany

Outfit: 01[Cubic Cherry] {Starstruck} outfit RARE  @The Epiphany

Jar: 15[Cubic Cherry] {Starstruck} jar PINK @The Epiphany

Shoes: 03[Cubic Cherry] {Starstruck} shoes PINK (m) @The Epiphany


Skin: #Boataom :: AS Genus Applier ‘Albina+’ HUD @The Seasons Story


Pose: [Stardust] Guardian Bento Poses & The Phial of Light @Mainstore


*all the above listed items have been provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**Mesh body used in today’s image is the Maitreya Mesh body and the Genus Mesh head


Supporting Cast


:moon amore: Liquid Soul/ Fluids Halo -Wear/Editme -Milk @The Epiphany

Foxcity – Crazy in Love Backdrop



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