Plushie hugs

Plushie hugs -the hugs series II

It’s the return of bunny hugs, except that this time it isn’t bunny plushies. Nope, it’s almost every animal plushy you can think of. In fact, they couldn’t all get in the picture. These were the most tenacious of the lot and they wanted to remind you that they are still waiting to be claimed. Each one needs a loving home. If you would like to adopt one they are still at The Epiphany’s mini round. If you miss it though don’t forget to go down to the mainstore to give one a home. Each one is full of hugs and lots of love to give, in down times and in happy times.

Now, lets take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of the outfit featured today because I don’t know about you but this is definitely a ‘kyaaa’ moment. It’s by Vincue and you can get one at N21. It covers Maitreya, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya. Which is just epic. There is no legacy no, but you just might be able to get away with using the deformers and see if you fit into it too. Then join us in your favourate colours for some selfies. These critters will absolutely not say no to more screen time. I’m using the Fatpack HUD on the one being used today and it gives you quite a lot of customisation over your outfit.

pictures with cuddle buddies part 2 web closepictures with cuddle buddies part 2 web close 2

Even without the Fatpack HUD, hello? how cute is the outfit? hands down I would even own it in a single colour. It’s ridiculously cute. I teamed the cape with the tattoo by Stardust simply because the tattoo is so pretty and lace like it added a very beautiful enhancement to the curve of the cape.

I’m going to leave you now with the credits while I work on my next image. I’m hoping you like that one too because that was fun as well. Here comes your shopping list!



Plushies from left to right (working from the front to the back)…

These cuties are part of the Pity Party and Crybaby Snuggle Stuffies gacha at The Epiphany.

♡ 9 [Pity Party+CryBaby] Cow Brown 3li {The Epiphany} {Mainstore}

♡ 16 [Pity Party+CryBaby] Deer Cream 2li {The Epiphany} {Mainstore}

♡ 15 [Pity Party+CryBaby] Puppy 1li {The Epiphany} {Mainstore}

♡ 7 [Pity Party+CryBaby] Chick 1li {The Epiphany} {Mainstore}

♡ 14 [Pity Party+CryBaby] Dalmatian 1li {The Epiphany} {Mainstore}

♡ 6 [Pity Party+CryBaby] Mouse White 2li {The Epiphany} {Mainstore}

♡ 23 [Pity Party+CryBaby] Teddy 1li {The Epiphany} {Mainstore}

♡ 3 [Pity Party+CryBaby] Bunny White 2li {The Epiphany} {Mainstore}

♡ 8 [Pity Party+CryBaby] Baby Chick 1li {The Epiphany} {Mainstore}



Cape: [Vincue] Etolie Cape (Freya, Isis, Maitreya, HG) {N21} {Mainstore}

Dress: [Vincue] Etolie Dress (Freya, Isis, Maitreya, HG) {N21} {Mainstore}

Ears: [Random Matter] Thailin Ears – Elfie {Collabor88} {Mainstore}

Skin: [Boataom] Alyssa Genus Applier ‘Indiana’ HUD {Mainstore}

Blush: [Boataom] Brush&Freckle Genus Applier HUD {Mainstore}

Tattoo (chest): [Stardust] Clementine – white tattoo (maitreya,belleza, skink, omega) {Mainstore}


*all the above listed items have been kindly provided by creators/designers for blogging / review purposes. 

**Mesh body used in today’s post is the Belleza Freya worn with the Genus Baby mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Hair: [Doux] Jessa Hairstyle  (strands from ‘Playful’ deluxe HUD pack)

Shape: [Pumec]  Avery / Ella Genus Catwa Group Gift *Join fee/ slightly edited




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