Okay, back to the regular schedule. Today’s image is another credits only post because I’ve done two posts in the space of a single one and it occurs to me I haven’t got a clue about what I want to say today. I think all my creativity got used up writing work emails today that now my brain has tapped out. What does this mean for you then? it means precisely what you think it means. I’m not going to take much of your time, I’m going to stay long enough to say that today’s image is a mixture of items from Cubic Cherry and R2 at Collabor88. These arms are so good, look how neat they are. I absolutely love it I also love this metal jawbone by Cubic Cherry they matched up so good. I even finished it off with my favourate Sweet Thing tail and those cute speaker ears. A lot of colour matching was going on today and I loved it. This was all such amazing fun.

If you need me, I’m going to be watching Eurovision, I’m really excited for today’s one because we get to vote in this one. Please have good songs, please have good songs. I feel so full of beans that I expect to be dancing around and everything. I should take advantage of this window of health just in case I’m knocked out again. I mean surely I can’t mess up my vaccination too. Then again…I don’t know now. I’ve asked everyone that’s had it and they said it is a relatively painless process and no one but one person actually got sick. So, fingers crossed that I don’t mess up an entirely foolproof thing because I really really would rather not be laid out again. I really hate needles…

In better news, here come the credits!


Strap: [Cubic Cherry] {Deva} faceband – white {@Mainstore}
Metal Jaw: [Cubic Cherry] {Razor} jaw silver (glow) {@Cyber/Punk}
Arm: [R2] K/E/N Tekkou R[FP White] (maitreya) {@Collabor88}
Tail: [Sweet Thing.] Kimecha Tail (Bento) {@Mainstore}
Body overlay: [Sweet Thing.] Dolly Shine – Silver 10% (bom) {@Mainstore}
Corset: [Cubic Cherry] 01 {Rekio} corset (maitP) Rare (maitreya, m.petite) {@Mainstore}
Pasties: [Cubic Cherry] 05 {Rekio} pasties – white (maitreya, m.petite) {@Mainstore}
Panties: [Cubic Cherry] 10 {Rekio} panties – white (maitreya, m.petite) {@Mainstore}
Legwarmers: [Cubic Cherry] 20 {Rekio} legwarmers – white (maitreya, m.petite) {@Mainstore}
Ballerina shoes: [Sweet Thing] Ballerina Pointe – white (maitreya) {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging and review purposes.
**Mesh body used is Maitreya Petite. Mesh head is Genus Strange. Skin is by Pepe skins.

Supporting Cast

Backdrop: [Minimal] Cyberpunk Capsule *5* 10li
Pose: [Foxcity] Ballet Mix 3
Hair: [Doux] Cordelia

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