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Happy Saturday! How is everyone feeling, I hope it’s been a good day for you. It was a good day for me, I finally got to do what I wanted and I guess that meant a day of listening to music, baking and playing Sims, who knew. I was going to draw a comic too but it looks like time may have run out. Still, the weekend is not over. I am making today’s post a Credits only post today. This means that I’ll be taking you to the credits a lot faster than usual.

I did want to mention however, that this bird is amazing. I love how he, and I have dubbed him male, flies after me when I walk. Such thoughtfulness in giving my avatar’s arm a rest when she decides to walk and thus showing off how florious it is in flight. At first I thought it was a little funny how it nearly dwarfed my avatar because it’s no big news that she is very petite. There’s a reason why she’s 50% percent doll and 50% percent Bear. Yet when he flies along side her I am in real life loosing my *bleeeep*. I’m screeching all entertained, sorry not sorry.

in-world unedited shot/crop

Today’s outfit is so cute I loved it so much that I’m sad today is a credits only, I mean just look at the cute star tattoos. Bathed. Bathed in beauty. Please check out the awesomeness of today’s outfit in the credits below. Here they come!



Earrings: [Cheezu] Fancy Day – Earring pink {@The Epiphany}

♡ Ear: [Cheezu] Luna mesh ears {@Anthem}

Face  tattoo: [Stardust] Skylar – Unicorn (Catwa, Lelutka, Omega, Genus, BOM) {@Mainstore}

Chest/top tattoo (includes fingers): [Stardust] Sky – unicorn (Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza, Slink, Omega, BOM)


Bird: [SEmotion] Libellune Macaw Parrot #16* {@The ManCave}

Top: [Cheezu] Hara Outer (Maitreya) {@Kustom9}

Dress: [Cheezu] Hara Dress (Maitreya) {@Kustom9}

Leg/Bottom tattoo: [Stardust] Skye – Unicorn {@Mainstore}

Shoes/Socks: [Cheezu] Fancy Day Shoes baby pink (Maitreya) {@The Epiphany}

Petals (ground and floating): [Half Deer] Sakura Petals* {@Mainstore}


*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging review purposes unless otherwise denoted by an ‘*’. These were purchased.

*Mesh body used is the Maitreya and it is combined with the Lelutka Ryn mesh head.

Supporting Cast

Lipgloss: [Ives] Rascha Lipgloss

Pose: [Foxcity] Juice or Stairs (* I got myself in a mes and couldn’t remember which I had used but I had been jumping between these two)

Backdrop: [Foxcity] Old Town -blush

Hair: [monso] Jinseon Hair

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