Pink Star

Pink Star

Okay, so I feel like I owe you an explanation for the silence yesterday morning? You probably guessed what happened. I overslept so hard. It was so good. The bed was so very comfy and I was so very very tired. I didn’t want to move, I didn’t want to do a thing. It just could not be helped. It was after all Sunday. Maybe I could be forgiven?

I think I just indulged a little too much. There is no way to indulge today it’s back on the discipline train. It’s Monday, time to tighten up those seams. I was up ready for work on time and everything with as little complaint as i could manage because I’m still lucky to be working from home and it could be worse.

Low key, I’ve been at home so long that if you told me to find an outfit to go out to work in I might have to just go shopping. I have lockdown pudge and I have also lost any real real track of where my ‘work appropriate’ clothes are. It’s been…what? hm…November makes it the begining of month nine of working from home. I only know where all the comfortable clothes are. Things you can’t actually wear to work like shorts, pj bottoms, with comfy elasticated waists, baggy t-shirts, jumpers or crop tops. Lets not forget my fuzzy bunny slippers because those are incredibly important. I’ve also just allowed my hair to grow out. It’s sprouted happy and free for months, it’s gotten so much longer.


Not as long as this pretty hairstyle in today’s image. Don’t I wish, should my hair get that long I would never take a sissors to it again. I think it’s such a cute hairstyle that this is the second time I’m featuring it. Maybe the more eagle-eyed amongst you might recognise it. If you don’t that’s perfectly alright too. Lets pretend this is the first time, shhh.

Maximum upclose view of nails inworld…

I love the pink tips and that started off the entire pink theme again. The eyeshadow is my favourate and a actually a combination of two eyeshadows, I used a bom layer and an applier. once those two things happened of course everything else had to be pink to match the aesthetic right? Isn’t pink just so pretty. I love having my avatar in this beautiful mix of pinks. It’s also really handy because most of these items are from Collabor88 and this is a last call to visit before the round changes over. Got you, I got you good. You didn’t see that coming did you. Would you like to see the credits now? here they come. I am off to learn how to make flapjacks to add to my ever growing arsenal of recipies, have a wonderful evening and see you soon.



Hair: [Exile] Lesha {@Collabor88}

Hearts (face): [Peekaboo] Neon Kawaii Hearts {@Mainstore}

Keyring: [Peekaboo] Keepsake Keychain {@Mainstore}

Nails: [Moon Amore] Santified Nail Art – Pink (Legacy, Maitreya)  {@Collabor88}

Outfit: [U.F.O] Say So Look (Legacy, Maitreya) {@Collabor88}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*mesh body used in post is the Legacy Mesh body and Lelutka Ryn Mesh head. Skin is by Pepe skins.


Supporting Cast

Ears: [Pumec] Mesh Ears – Unicorn *group gift*

Eyeshadow 1: [Top1Salon] Boosy Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow 2: [Top1Salon] Starry Eyeshadow

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