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It’s definately not, you are quite mistaken (it really is). This colour is called not pink which is completely different from pink. Completely. However, for the sake of simplicity, I have decided to call it Pink. I don’t have a Pink obsession at all.

Did you know, I initially had this image as a phone screen image. I had a phone overlay on. I wanted it to look like a picture being taken on a phone but thought it might be far too busy and detract from things, so I made the decision to remove it. So It wasn’t meant to have such a ‘non-busy‘ side. I sincerely hope it does not detract attention away from everything in the image because there are some really cute spots.

Like that cute Octopus floating above my avatar’s head. I didn’t even know the Octopus floated up and down. I about near died from the cuteness. I deliberatly did not want to look up anything about the item when it came. This is because MishMish never fails to impress and make me go awwwww. Every. Time.

I wanted to be able to take the full unadulterated experience this time so it was even more potent than normal. I LOVE MishMish you guys, I really really do. It could make you happy even in the midst of your most taxing day.

Luckily however I’m currently enjoying my week off work. I slept so hard the first day of my holiday. This was despite all the things I had planned to do. I spent it sleeping, sleeping and sleeping some more. The second day, yesterday, was spent sleeping too but it was also spent setting up scenes and taking pictures. I am now ahead for the first time since pre-lockdown times. It’s a miracle.

its not pink web version crop

These days I think my lockdown fashion is seeping into my second life fashion because I go to shops/events looking like a mess and not even caring. It’s the equivallent of me still being in my nightdress  and rocking bed hair buns for the entire day in real life. If I had an outfit as cute as this to change into though I would be changing every morning at 6am on the dot. I love ribbons and I love frilly ends on my clothes.

I have rolls of ribbons that I cut bits off and tie into my hair most days and as for the unicorn floaty, he’s completely impractical indoors but I had to have him in the picture because Unicorn! and floaties. Two of the best things from the list of best things in life. Floaties make you think of summer and beaches and Unicorns make you think of colours, and sparkly and happiness and magic.

In addition…can you tell I have been playing too much animal crossing because I put in some exclamation lines near the cute little octopus? Literally I had a whole short conversation with my sibling where we responded to each other in animal crossing expressions/emotes via real life actions. It was…absolutely….hilarious. Not something you would really find funny unless you played a lot of animal crossing too. Otherwise, I probably seem a little bit sad to you right about now. Let’s just quickly move on to the credits then.



Octopus companion: [MishMish] Baby Octopus Companion – 7 – Candy {@Collabor88}
Headband: [Supernatural] Yana headband {@Sanarae}
Outfit: [Casse Lustre] Sweetish Days (Legacy, Maitreya) {@Sanarae}
Shelves: [Haikei] In your heaven / gacha / 3 4li {@Sanarae}
Seat: [Haikei] In your heaven / gacha / 4-a 3li {@Sanarae} (*Pose is from chair however Face animation is with Lelutka axis HUD it has also been used to move neck slightly)
Unicorn floatie: [Haikei] In your heaven / gacha / 2 2li {@Sanarae}
Potted plant: [Haikei] In your heaven / gacha / 5 3li {@Sanarae}
Circle drapes: [CA] Dietlinde *Pink* (no post) [Garland] {@Sanarae}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*mesh body used in today’s post is the Legacy mesh body combined with the Lelutka Nova mesh head. Skin is Bold & Beauty’s ‘Mirai’ for Lelutka. Expressions are from using the Lelutka axis hud.

Supporting Cast

Hair: [DPYumYum] *barberyumyum*T11
Earrings: [Monso] My Ribbon Earring



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