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Peach and Strawberry

I’m rolling in straight from work today and I can’t even begin to descripe how tired I am. I’m mentally drained. I think work took it all out of me today. It’s going to take so much more than that to keep me away today, right? I sure hope so because my internet is back to being it’s dastardly self and saying no every five minutes. I’ll still take it on for you because although I feel really bleh, there’s still a part of me that wants to do this…

Later that day…

Nevermind, it didn’t quite happen for a multitude of reasons besides the internet so instead I used that opportunity to add more images and made a small collage of them below because there were cute close ups I wanted to get in but was worried about taking up too much load space. So, going back to the post, what I had intended to say was that I had finally decided on the days for my scheduled post, in a way I supposed it worked out. I’ve decided on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday posting Schedule. I will try this and see how it goes. It works because Monday’s drain me it seems. Tuesdays would have given me some time to recover. Thursday is always a good day as it is the start of the weekend and I’m usually busy shopping or attending appointments on Fridays. Can’t promise there won’t be a pop up though. Saturday’s are amazing, they are my favourate weekend day, so of course I’m usually pumped for posting on those days. Now that that is decided I feel all organised now. I feel like a professional blogger.

unedited inworld snapshots of different parts of the room

Today’s post is it’s current title because I was drinking a juice peach and strawberry juice. The sort you add water to. I hadn’t yet realised it worked quite well with the post as sometimes I put in filler titles until I can think of a title. I don’t always wake up creative, sometimes I have to think but at the same time I can’t start writing a post if it hasn’t got a title in there. It feels weird. I needed that juice yesterday, I was running on 5% and then woop up to 35% which allowed the fun to seep in take hold and I ran with it. I had a lovely time. Everything was so cute. I love it. I probably loved it a bit too much because I had to go over my post this morning. Yes, this morning, today the 23rd because I had the thought that I had jumped from one thing to another and screeched about all manner of things in a way only I would be able to follow. In short I was a bit too hyper. Yes…more hyper than usual. Hard to believe isn’t it.

So, the decor? Let’s talk about the decor. I love them. The strawberry decor sent me careening into a world of that didn’t have near enough adjectives to describe my delight with it. I mean I went over it but even going over it again I could feel the joyful excitement returning and I was tempted to expand on things again. I won’t, I’m a professional now, remember? I’m calm and measured but ‘Omg, those adorable knobs on the drawers and doors!‘. This gacha set did come in Pink and that is usually the way I naturally gravitate however the Red set caught me and reeled me in. I didn’t even fight. The little tv fridge is also by Lagom but that came from the Mainstore. I got that from the SoKawaiiSunday sale that just went by. While I’m at it, I should let you know that you should really be keeping an eye on Lagom’s SoKawaiiSunday items, they are always so good. It’s like finding treasure. Kotte does this too, keep an eye out for those too. You won’t regret it. They have some of the cutest items on that Sunday list.

Raw inworld shot of nails – since you can’t see it upclose in the main image. They are simplistically lovely.

The pigtail hair is also something I really really like, it is by Ayashi. Look at those gorgeous curly tails. The cute blossoms had me ‘aww-ing‘ at the screen and trying to get closer so I could see them in better detail. Sometimes, I for a moment forget zoom exists. It’s at least not the first thing I think to do. My natural instinct is to want to bring my whole self closer to the cuteness. The eyes used in the post are my current love, something else I grabbed on my weekend sales spree. It’s captivating. I adore them. I am not giving them up for a while, maybe not ever. The top is by Nerido and I’m in love with that too. I think there is something about seeing clothes tags on inworld items that just make me fall instantly. I don’t know why. Ridiculously though, it’s my most favourate part. AsteroidBox is another store that does them and I adore them too. When people take the time to add these little details to things I loose my mind.

The skin is also something I want to talk about. I bet you noticed it. It’s really cute. All the way from the rosey little nose to the cheeks it’s lovely. It’s by Pity Party and is made for the Leluka EvoX range, you’ll really like her and there are 4 tones available to purchase. I’m actually in love but like I said I got way too excited about how cute everything was that the post has been toned down. I even took a close up shot of the lovely nails I’m using, the colours matched beautifully with the outfit. They are subtle and my favourate is the white with the leaf detailing. It’s gorgeous.

In short, it would be easier to say what I don’t like in today’s image…which is absolutely nothing at all. Nothing. Not a sausage. I’m just going to get on and tell you where every beloved item is from are you ready? Awesome! Grab a pen and lets go.



Bear/Parfait is wearing…

Hair: [Ayashi] Maiymi Hair {@Bloom}
Skin: [Pity Party] Daisy – Lelutka Evo X (BOM only- Flat/Clevage/Small chests; Belleza/Legacy/Maitreya feet; Lel EvoX HD ears Bom; Brow/NoBrow/Monolid options; 4 tones available. Pictured is Tone 4 with Brows Monolid) {@Bloom}
Top: [Nerido] Ksyu Shirt (Legacy, L.Perky, Maitreya, M.Petite) {@Bloom}
Bra: [Nerido] Ksyu Bra (Legacy, L.Perky, Maitreya, M.Petite) {@Bloom}
Nails: [Alme] Shabby Spring Collection (Square, Stiletto, Rounded, Ballerina nails) {@Bloom}

Decor items…

Strawberry decor set: Items are from [Lagom]’s ‘Strawberry Craze’ gacha set {@Bloom}
04. Lagom – Strawberry craze [ Closet Red ] RARE 8li
12. Lagom – Strawberry craze [ Drink Globe Red ] 1li
01. Lagom – Strawberry craze [ Sofa Pink PG ] RARE 6li
08. Lagom – Strawberry craze [ Tall Dresser Red ] 1li
06. Lagom – Strawberry craze [ Dresser Red ] 1li
18. Lagom – Strawberry craze [ Radio Red ] 1li
20. Lagom – Strawberry craze [ Hatstand Red ] 1li
16. Lagom – Strawberry craze [ Light Red ] C/M 1li
22. Lagom – Strawberry craze [ Stringlight Red ] 1li

Wall paper/poster: [Pitaya] Wall Posters – Wall square PINK 2li per panel {@Bloom}
Hanging floral mobile: [KraftWork] Spring Mobiles . Rose Mobile Long 6li {@Bloom}
Sphere floral mobile: [KraftWork] Spring Mobiles . Rose Mobile Spherical 4li {@Bloom}
Candle and vase set: [KraftWork] Pastel Candles . Candle Clutter Rose 3li {@N21}
Decorative candles set: [KraftWork] Pastel Candles . Decorative Candles Rose 4li {@N21}
Bamboo tray: [KraftWork] Pastel Candles . Bamboo Tray Light 1li {@N21}
Puppy under blanket: [Chez Moi] Sleepy Puppy 1li {@The Arcade}
Tv fridge: [Lagom] Converted TV [ Pink ]* {@Mainstore}
Manga on ground (corner): [Kotte] manga cafe – pile of manga (rez) (touch change texture) 1li {@The Arcade}

*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Where they have been purchased they are denoted with an *. Mesh body parts used are the Legacy Perky mesh body combined with Lelutka EvoX Brianna mesh head. Skin is in the above credits and worn using BOM. Eyeliner is from Top1Salon (Stalker Eyeliner). Eyelashes are from Mukado (Tivee).

Supporting Cast

Eyes: [(OO)Yuki] Love You Eyes D Lelutka
Pose: [Nya.Gore] Annette 02 *slightly edited to look upwards using Axis hud*
Skirt: [FD] (fd) Sparkle Skirt – Cream

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