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The arcade is in town again and it opened it’s gates up to the public today. In preparation Finnick the fox and his friends have been tidying up in readiness for your visit. There’s so much that has to be done, the windows need to be cleaned. The harvest needs to be finished, garlands have been hung. The landscaping needs to be checked to make sure it’s all neatly trimmed and growing well. There’s a lot that goes into preparing for a visit from you. Everyone is chipping in because today is just too important to slumber the day away. They are one of the star attractions and they intend to charm you to the core because the simple fact is…they want to come home with you.


FoxesMishMish – Finnick The Fox @ The Arcade (used in this image listed below) mirror 1mirror 2


Washing the windowsMishMish – Finnick The Fox – Stance A (REWARD) (1Li) @ The Arcade

Walking togetherMishMish – Finnick The Fox – Oh Cute Companion RARE &  I Play to Win Companion (5Li when rezzed) @ The Arcade

Looking into the WheelbarrowMishMish – Finnick The Fox – Artsy Companion (5Li when rezzed) @ The Arcade

Pushing the wheelbarrowMishMish – Finnick The Fox – Mushrooms Wagon (1Li) @ The Arcade

By the mushroomMishMish – Finnick The Fox – Making Friends (1Li) @ The Arcade

Running after the leavesMishMish – Finnick The Fox – Chasing Leaf (1Li) @ The Arcade

Carrying the apple basketMishMish – Finnick The Fox – So Kawaii Companion RARE (5Li when rezzed) @ The Arcade

Gazing at the bamboo treesMishMish – Finnick The Fox – Stance B (1Li) @ The Arcade



Cheese plant leaf (right of image)DISORDERLY – Tropic Love / Monstera / CurvedStem / Pack 1 (1Li) @C88

Palm fronds plant outside the shedDISORDERLY – Tropic Love / Palm / CurvedStem / Pack 1 (1Li) @C88

Leaf garland on shed: Half-Deer – Monstera Deliciosa – Green – Garland (Horizontal) @C88

Elephant leaf plant by the cratesDISORDERLY – Tropic Love / Elephant Ear / CurvedStem / Pack 1 (1Li) @C88

Bamboo TreesTaikou – bamboo tree (2Li each) @C88


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Items above have been kindly made available for blogging / review purposes by their creators.

Here’s a look at the product image so that you can see all the little darlings up for collection, try not to melt. I know it’s an impossible task…ah who am I kidding, melt all you want.

Finnick The Fox for The Arcade


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