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This bed is amazing. The first thing it presented me when my avatar sat was a nice breakfast tray. Points already. As you well know, Bears love food and I love food too. A glass of orange juice with breakfast is like handing someone who can appreciate it, a glass of wine. I love that you can even eat said breakfast. I entertained myself with that for a while. Unless your a lover of food though you probably don’t want me to prattle on about the breakfast in bed menu.

You want to know about the cuddles and the fun and the fact that it has got a total of 59 animations. I’m actually blogging the adult version of the bed and I don’t even know what some of these animations do but they sound incredibly naughty which is a bonus if you’re going to buy a naughty bed. Don’t do it by halves gosh no. Go the full hog. Some of them I can tell by reading what they do and it’s making me giggle so hard because it’s like having a naughty secret no one else knows about.

The bed motivated me and before I knew it, around it this scene of cameras and lighting and computers fell into place telling it’s own story without characters. I went through some of the cuddles too and considering I’m but one half of it, they looked so sweet. Here’s a secret though, in the menu for this bed, the Straddle pose looks like it would be my ultimate favourate cuddle.


I’ve decorated with a bunch of items all coming to the arcade today. So exciting! Look, look at the hanging tapestries at each side of the bed. It’s by Refuge and I thought it added a really nice air of mysterious magic, even the hanging lights are by Refuge. There is also another item from the set and it is the starburst on the table . The set is called the Luna Collection and it is as pretty and delicate as it’s name.


The computers and recording lighting and equipment is also from the Arcade and by Bamse. I was so excited to get to blog these. Aren’t they amazing. They are so good! It was like they were just made to compliment the bed. It’s in the same sexy black metals and white silver colours. I loved the studio lights because they actually cast light. You have to turn on your advanced lighting to appreciate it in all its amazing-ness.

‘a close up below of the wall above the bed and the vines and tapestry decor’      

There are even more complimentary items from The Arcade, it was so nice to see gadget gacha sets these are the kind of things that could fit so seamlessly into your everyday virtual home. This means, that no matter what you get in play you’ve got yourself a winner. The next gadget filled gacha is from Vexiin and if you have noticed the wall controls, wall mounted camera, Modem under the table and the Echo near the tripod then you’ve seen just some of the items available in the gacha. The set is quite aptly named the Smart Home! gacha. The boxes and blankets under the table are part of Second Space’s set also at the Arcade called Moving Day.

The complimenting rug is by Keke and available at the mainstore as are the blinds which have three height levels and you can choose which simply by touch. I have pictured only the top and the half way down versions however they do go all the way to the bottom too for a fully closed blind. The whole scene has been set in a photo backdrop by Mudhoney also at the Arcade! Told you there were lots of goodies. For this I set two of the same boxes together to make a small room. It is also mod as well so I was able to tint the walls darker on one side so the seams weren’t too visible anymore.


Items by Fancy Decor @Uber

Bed: [Fancy Decor] Maddox Bed (adult) 16li

Neon wall light: [Fancy Decor]  Maddox Neon Light 3li

Bedside lamp: [Fancy Decor] Maddox Lamp 1li

Bedside table: [Fancy Decor] Maddox Side Table 1li each


Items by Refuge ‘Luna Collection’ gacha @The Arcade

Starburst (on table): [Refuge]  LC Star Burst Blue 1li

Tapestry 1:  [Refuge] LC Tapestry A 3li (Luna)

Tapestry 2: [Refuge] LC Tapestry B 3li (shoot for the moon darling)

Hanging lights: [Refuge] LC Stringed Lights 5li each


Items by Bamse ‘Home Studio’ gacha @The Arcade

Computer table: [Bamse] Home Studio – Desk 3li

Framed picture (wall above monitor): [Bamse] Home Studio – Wall Art 1li

Computer monitor: [Bamse] Home Studio – Monitor 1li

Keyboard: [Bamse] Home Studio – Keyboard 1li

Mouse: [Bamse] Home Studio – Mouse 1li

Drone: [Bamse] Home Studio – Drone 3li

Photography lamp: [Bamse]  Home Studio – Ring Lamp 4li

Camera tripod: [Bamse] Home Studio – Tripod RARE 4li

Camera on top of boxes: [Bamse] Home Studio – Camera RARE 1li

Box of frames: [Bamse] Home Studio – Boxed Frames 1li

Chair: [Bamse] Home Studio – Chair 2li

Plant on bedside table: [Bamse] Home Studio – Plant 2li


Items by Vexiin @The Arcade

Modem (under desk): [Vexiin]  Vexgear Modem Black 1li

Wall mounted cctv camera:  [Vexiin] Protect Security Camera White 1li

Echo (on ground next to tripod):  [Vexiin]  Vexa Echo White 1li

Thermostat control panel: [Vexiin]  Vexwell Smart Thermostat White


Items by Second Spaces @The Arcade

Pile of boxes: [Second Spaces] Moving Day – packed – messy 1li

Pile of blankets(under table): [Second Spaces] Moving Day – blankets 1li


Items by Keke @Mainstore 

Rug: [Keke] rug 43 . deer . grey 1li

Blinds: [Keke] zen clickable roller curtain . fog 1li


Items by MudHoney @The Arcade

Build/Backdrop: [MudHoney] Photo Room 3 17li each


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**total scene land impact cost was 109li (room and interior)


Supporting Cast

Flowering vine (on wall):[Half Deer] +Half-Deer+ White Blossom Vines – C 1li each

Building backdrops outside window: [MINIMAL] Soho Build -no snow- 40li each building


And lastly, today’s inspiring song that kept getting replayed while I worked…


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