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OH My flamingos

Today’s post was all about fun, I didn’t really have an idea of what I was doing, I just knew what items I wanted to put into the image and just built everything into the same frame. It’s a small but fun realm of gorgeous chaos. Do you like it?! I do!

I am featuring more items from The Seasons Story along side the featured new items from Sorumin and Kotte.  I really like these hand bandages by Kotte. They are really really good. They come with a HUD which lets you hide parts of it, be that just the tips, or making fingerless gloves or the whole item. Best of all each finger has the option separately.  It also comes in a clean version and a bloody version. What fun!

It’s my virtual wardrobe’s current favourate item along with this lovely fitting top by Sorumin, I can’t even say I don’t love the shorts because god help me I do. They have daisies on them. That’s everything heavenly and spring time. I’m in love.

You might also know that I’m a Stardust girl through and through but every now and then I like to try other tattoos for a day because there#s something I like about them. So today it’s Pichi! I couldn’t possibly tell you why but don’t these tattoos look really adorable?

The thunderbolt and the cute cloud are my favourate. I even love the eye in the middle of the chest. Oh and the palm tree I loved that too. I felt like my avatar was suddenly very cool. Like…bad girl cool…but still so adorable. They felt like fun tattoos not too intense and overwhelming but instead like a rocking good time had by all.

The flamingos are so cute I love the faces, they look so lovely and shiny and playful. They have these cute little heads that makes you want to scratch their heads and coo at them.




Pose used from: [Serendipity] elodie… (bento) @Mainstore (gift)

Makeup: [Demon Spit] Hitsuji Makeup Full Face @The Seasons Story

Earring: [Plastik] Bunn Earring @The Seasons Story

Necklace: [Oinc] Klaris Necklace  @The Seasons Story

Tattoo: [Pichi] Good Day Tattoo (maitreya) @The Seasons Story

Hand bandages: [Kotte] Hand Bandages (maitreya, gianni) – female bandages@Mainstore

Top: [Sorumin] Floral Set – Top (Maitreya only) @Spring Flair

Shorts: [Sorumin] Floral Set – Shorts(Maitreya only)  @Spring Flair

Flamingos: [Sorumin & Yokai] Flamingo Dream gacha – Flamingo w plumeria @Mainstore

Floating Pink circles: [Cubic Cherry] Candy Demon gacha – Floating Beads (17) @Mainstore



*all above items have been generously provided by creators for blogging / review purposes.

** This post is using the maitreya mesh body and the genus mesh head


Supporting Cast


Hair: [DP Yumyum] P05 (FLF)

Dango (mouth): [VCO] Sakura Dango [ Hoeny ]

Floating petals: [DP Yumyum] 73Cherry Blossoms

Backdrop: [Ninety] ninety – secret room [ backdrop ] 95li



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