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Today’s post is a credits only post so I won’t be saying anything much. Instead I will be taking you on to the credits with very little preamble. I will be staying long enough to remind you to do your weekend shopping, I mean I’m going to be providing a list below but I’m also really reminding you of the sales. I’m featuring a lot of KraftWork’s items in today’s post but it does not cover the fact that they are in the Saturday Sale and Wanderlust weekend which are both running this weekend. There are deals you’ll want to grab from that too. What Next is another store being featured in today’s post and they had a cute set out for Fifty Linden Friday which had these cute beach chairs and I believe a cooler of drinks that looks like a camper van. It’s so neat. You won’t want to miss out on that. So don’t forget but don’t run off yet either because I’ve got credits for you. Have a wonderful Saturday and I’ll see you soon with more Arcade goodness besides today’s teaser.



Panels (used as dividers): [KraftWork] KraftWork Belltown Office . Panel Oak 1Li each (resized a little larger and used as dividers) {@Kustom9}
Half wall wall panels: [KraftWork] French Wall Panel 2Li each {@The Liason collaborative}
Circle Display art: [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Handmade Stone Disc Wall Art Creme 1Li each (resized smaller to make a smaller one) {@Kustom9}
Office Chair: [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Desk Chair Caramel Leather 3Li {@Kustom9}

Hanging plants: [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Hanging Ivy 1Li (they go on the bookshelf but I wanted to be contrary and stick them to the wall because I liked it and wanted to try that. You however can put it on the book shelf or try that amazing idea I know you just had, don’t lie.) {@Kustom9}
Bookshelf : [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Bookshelf Black Leather 1Li {@Kustom9}

Tall standing potted plant (by panel): [Chez Moi] Terra Patio set gacha – Plant Vase 2 1Li {@The Arcade-coming in March}
Mid standing potted plant(by panel): [Chez Moi] Terra Patio set gacha – Plant Vase 1 1Li {@The Arcade-coming in March}
Rug under table: [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Office Rug 2Li {@Kustom9}
Standing potted plant in forground: [Chez Moi] Terra Patio set gacha – Plant Vase 3 1Li {@Kustom9}
Office Table: [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Office Desk Oak 2Li {@Kustom9}
Breakfast tray: [KraftWork] Breakfast in Bed . Beech Toast 3Li {@Mainstore}

Fern Plant: [Chez Moi] Terra Patio set gacha -Terra Plant Vase 9Li {@The Arcade-coming in March}
Cupcakes: [What Next] Champagne Cupcakes 1Li {@Mainstore}
Lamp on desk: [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Table Lamp Creme 1Li {@Kustom9}
Globe: [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Metal Globe Decor 1Li {@Kustom9}
Laptop and mat: [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Leather Desk Blotter Laptop 2Li  {@Kustom9}
Book stack on table (near cupcakes): [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Travel Books 1Li {@Kustom9}
Magazine stack (near globe) : [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Magazine Pile Green Pears 1Li {@Kustom9}

Magazine files: [KraftWork] Belltown Office . Magazine File Leather 1Li each {@Kustom9}

Items on bookshelf begining from the top to the bottom…

[KraftWork] Tall pile of magazines: Belltown Office . Magazine Pile Travel 1Li (made up of 4 piles of the magazine stack, 1Li per stack) {@Kustom9}
[KraftWork] Belltown Office . Travel Books 1Li {@Kustom9}
[KraftWork] Belltown Office . Zebra Box 1Li {@Kustom9}
[KraftWork] Belltown Office . Zamioculcas Vase Beige 1Li {@Kustom9}
[KraftWork] Belltown Office . Magazine Pile Architecture (black magazine stack) 1Li {@Kustom9}
[KraftWork] Belltown Office . Magazine Pile Art (white magazine stack) 1Li {@Kustom9}
[KraftWork] Belltown Office . Leather Box 1Li {@Kustom9}
[KraftWork] Belltown Office . Fabric Box 1Li (smaller brown box) 1Li {@Kustom9}
[KraftWork] Belltown Office . Literature Book Row 1Li {@Kustom9}

Rug on other half of room: [KraftWork] Runner Rugs . Native 5 (fringes) 4Li {@KraftWork}
Sofa: [Ionic] Faux Leather Couch 6Li {@Mainstore}
Curtain used: [What Next] Tintable – Chelsea Curtains (panel & lights) {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging and review purposes. The cheese plants are by Dust Bunny.



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