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Of suds and nature

Of Suds and nature

Sundays are good for long baths. If I had a bathroom like this one? I would stay long past pruning and possibly into some wrinkly skin peeling horror of an underwater creature.

It fits everything I love in a bathroom, the large windows let in lots of light. I absolutely hate dingy bathrooms. I always used to think bathrooms as a default came with windows but I have seen some that had none. Only extractor fans. It was certainly an eye opener.

The toilet is also not practically sitting a-top the bath which is something that is quite common in England it seems. Unless you’re well to do or your house came with that practical ‘toilet in one room bathroom in the other’ build. Which isn’t common. I have a thing about having the toilet too close to the bath. I don’t know why, just one of my idiosyncrasies. Do you have any of those too? I don’t want to be alone.

I also don’t like toilets in wet rooms because somehow that’s even worse because wet rooms are by default mostly wet and walking through wet to get to an equally wet toilet…I felt that shudder.

In this image however you can see my ideal dream of what a bathroom should be like. In fact most all my bathroom photos would be my ideal sort of bathrooms. Views, Sleek and sexily formed bathroom pieces. A bath in the middle of the room unattached to grime worn tiles and clean non wet rugs to walk upon.  Plants to keep the air fresh and beautiful lights and shelves packed with pretty feminine products. Even a lounger for being able to sit and lift your feet to dry them properly. Beautiful wooden floors and an elegant sink that is different from the usual samey design that most bathrooms get fitted with.

I absolutely adore this bathroom. I might spend a lot of time at the window just staring out but…it would be infinitely better done with my head peaking out of the top of a bath-full of bubbles. My current favourate is Imperial Leather Cosmic Unicorn bubble bath. It smells so good! However, when I am feeling a little more flush I like to transport myself to another dimension with Intergalactic by Lush. I come out of the bath with sparkling glitter attached to me that makes me so deliriously happy I feel like a beautiful unicorn.



Items available by Fancy Decor available at Fameshed

Bath: [Fancy Decor] Crane Bathtub (adult) 6li

Soap bottles (on floor next to bath): [Fancy Decor] Crane Lotion & Soap Bottles 1li

Rugs: [Fancy Decor] Crane Bath Mat 1li each

Toilet: [Fancy Decor] Crane Toilet 2li

Plunger: [Fancy Decor] Crane Plunger

Toilet Roll: [Fancy Decor] Crane Toilet Roll 1li

Wall lights: [Fancy Decor] Crane Sconce 1li each

Console: [Fancy Decor] Crane Console 1li

Sink: [Fancy Decor] Crane Sink 1li

Mirror: [Fancy Decor] Crane Mirror 1li

Flower: [Fancy Decor] Crane Orchid 2li
Items available at mainstore…

Lounger: [Fancy Decor] Tartt Lounger 3li

Standing plant: {what next} Pothos Plant (stand) 2li


*The above items have been generously provided by Creators for blogging /review purposes.

Supporting Cast

Shelf: [Foxwood] Spa – Shelf 3li @C88

Gold side table: [Random Matter] Garden Party – Tea Cart – RARE 1li @The epiphany (gacha item)

Jar on top: [Apple Fall] Coral Lid Jar w/ Bath Bombs 1li

Clutter on middle shelf: [Tres Blah] Jolie – Hair Products 1li

Palm plant: [Dust Bunny] potted palm 5li

Hanging Ivy plants: [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . ivy planter 3li each

Wine glasses: [Apple Fall] Wine Glasses 1li (free at mainstore)

Clothes pile: [Dust Bunny] season of giving . silk pajamas . white (gacha item)

Wine bottles: [Apple Fall] Argentinian Malbec 1li (free at mainstore)

Wooden wash tray: [Taikou] wooden wash bucket 1li

Tray over bath: [Foxwood] Spa – Tray 3li

Perfume bottle: [Tres Blah] Jolie – Vintage Bottle 1li (gacha item)

Makeup organiser: [Tres Blah] Jolie – Makeup Organizer 1li

Build: [Apple Fall] Hetton Barn Conversion (free gift at mainstore) 76li

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