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Not sleepy at all

It’s sunny and it is the middle of the afternoon, we really don’t want to sleep but then then is this cute, comfortable pj set and well ….do we really have to wait till bed time to wear it?

How’s your Sunday going? lots of things happening? mine has been lovely, there’s been some nice sun and I have felt remarkably de-stressed. I’m almost ‘almost’ ready to get back into the thick of it at work but at a more steady pace. I’m really glad tommorow is a bank holiday. One more day of grace is how I see it. I even treated myself for the end of my holiday with the cutest pair of slippers from amazon. It isn’t here yet. I’ll have to wait a few days but omg they are adorable! It’s like I picked something straight off a kawaii sl event but in real life. I wish it had been prime, I want it now! then again waiting two days for the expected delivery…you have to admit it is very reasonable. Still, I live in instant gratification world. I do like the feeling of having to wait for something exciting. I have judged that it will arrive when I have just started back with the stress of work so it will be a nice surprise. I guarantee I would have forgotten come the day which is why I believe it would be a surprise.

I do want to point out though how much I love this sleepwear, it is so flowy and soft looking, It would be such comfortable bed clothes and I like the fact that it gives off that vibe too. The little hat is just precious and I would completely try to sleep with it, practical or not. Even those earrings! I want to be a cute bed bunny and I want my jewelry to be able to tell me I’m cute everytime I see it. It’s like an affirmation without words. It does come with other words but I ressonated with the word cute for obvious reasons.

The wardrobe and dresser are by What Next and when I was thinking of the environment I knew already that I wanted this set to feature in it. I have blogged it before yes but it is still the most perfect bedroom set for such a low land impact cost. My other favourate decor items to use to decorate are items from Dust Bunny but if you’ve been here long enough you would have guessed that already, hehe.

I’m going to leave you with the credits now and wish you a wonderful Sunday, begining or end.


Teddy: [MishMish] Teddy Bear – Sitting / Latte 1li {@Mainstore}

Head fluff: [Blume] Head Stuffie (Sunshine)  {@The Girl Power Event}

Shirt: [Blume] Sleepie – Lara (Sunshine)  {@The Girl Power Event}

Earrings: [namo] elara earrings {@The Girl Power Event}

Wardrobe: {what next} Devon Armoire 3li {@Mainstore}

Dresser: {what next} Devon Drawer Chest 3li {@Mainstore}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Hair: [monso] My Hair – Ruri (type B)

Eyelashes: [Okkbye] Jolly eyelashes (genus, lelutka)

Bed: {BunBun} Sugar Sweet – Twin Bed RARE 13li *store currently closed

Picture frames on wall: [Dust Bunny] sweet dreams . wall art 6li

Build: [Bueno] Pink Sunset Skybox 19li

Trolley: [Dust Bunny] happy hour tray 17li

Ivy divider: [Dust Bunny] ivy room divider 11li

Hanging ivy: [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . ivy planter 3li

Dino potted plant: [Dust Bunny] quirky planters 2 . dino planter 1li

Bag: [Dust Bunny] overnight bag 4li

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