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Welcome to your regularly scheduled post for Tuesday! Since I made a post yesterday I was burnt out on what idea to do next. I came up with this one. I decided to just have fun and make something simple that I could play around with and not get too serious about. I usually find that when I just let myself be and have fun without beating myself up about it. I’m not too terrible at it. There aren’t a slew of looming deadlines so I took my time. It does mean though that there isn’t too much to say about todays image except to point out that there are a few arcade things here again too. You had to know I would sneak them in there, right?

The hair is by Miwa and I do need to point out that I used a black colour however this hair has such good materials that the lights changed it into something entirely gorgeous. Love it. The pose is another joyous thing. It’s not often I get impressed by a pose and want to stay in it for an extended amount of time. This one was a static pose but there are also animated poses to win in this gacha set by Lyrium. I love how she nonchalantly looks like she’s filing her nails without a care for anything or anyone else. I’m screaming. The shorts are by Pure Poison and I bought this over the weekend I believe on the sale. It could have been wanderlust? I can’t say it . I only remember running there as soon as I saw it. I shop with purpose, no waiting. In, out. Perfect execution. I take no prisoners.

I don’t know if it will still be there at the mark down price but you might get lucky at the moment of posting this it is still there at 50L. I checked for you. I love the strip options on it. It’s either buckled up or slightly open as pictured and that’s just perfect for me. In fact, the fifty linden shoes for FLF are still up too. Lucky! What are you waiting for?


♡ Hair: [Miwas] Hair #Daily {@Planet29}
Band-aid/plaster: [kotte] band aid – nose {@Mainstore}
♡ Hair accessory: [ bubble ] Aloha summer gacha – Hair Flower Rare {@The Arcade}
♡ Nail File: [Lyrium] 10 – Lyrium. Nail File Zodiac – Capricorn Clouds [Hold] {@The Arcade}
♡ Pose: [Lyrium] 13-Lyrium. Nail File Pose 1 {@The Arcade}
♡ Top: [ vagrant ] Bethany Set – Bethany Top (Legacy, L.Perky, Kupra, Maitreya, M.Petite) {@The Arcade}
♡ Shorts: [Pure Poison] Sandra Shorts* {@Mainstore} (purchased but when purchased it was 50 or 60L)

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Where purchased this has been highlighted.
**Mesh body used is the Legacy Perky. Mesh head used is the Lelutka EvoX Briannon. Eyeliner used is by GoreGlam. It is not hugely visible but incase you wondered, they make really good makeup. Nails used again not that visible but are from Moon Amore.

Supporting Cast

♡ Backdrop: [Paleto] Backdrop:.Don’t Panic 77Li
♡ Earrings: [E.Marie] Cora Earring – Golds

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