No Shortcuts down a dark alley

Sometimes I wonder, being somewhat of an isolated blogger if anyone else has times where they just really struggle not with the motivation to blog but rather the motivation to keep up with things when external doubts and factors weigh you down. I’m currently struggling with the outside getting in. I just want to live in my happy blogging space and not have to be interupted by outside feelings that have no relation to the things I like doing. When it leaks it it starts to attack things I formally felt okay about…I start to question…am I still good enough? are people happy with my work? should I ask? What if you ask and it’s terrible news? What if you come off as fishing for compliments? What if you’re in reality a crappy blogger?! Then the dreaded…’do you really want to know the truth at all?‘ arghh if I scrub at my hair long enough I can’t hear that insidious voice.

I mean, it could really apply to every aspect of life not just blogging. I do second guess myself a lot in general but when it seeps into the things that I do to escape the annoyance of real life then it’s the worst. What you shouldn’t do though, is escape down dark alleys and backstreets, it’s just even darker back there and who knows what sort of things lurk in the shadows. I don’t quite think anyone has told Bear that though. Someone should have sent the memo but what with cut backs here at Kuma Headquaters I dare say it probably got missed in the backlog, the tea budget mysteriously survived intact though. Oh well, fingers crossed for our poor Bear then!

Todays outfit is featuring the adorably cute school uniform by Cheezu. I think by now it’s obvious I have a fondness for uniforms. I think I mentioned it in a previous post…or two..oh ho ho. This is so reminescent of the type of uniform I had to wear. Did I like my uniform at the time? god no. Hated it. I always liked what every other school had but mine. Classic ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ thing. As soon as I opened and saw this one in this colour I got a really dumb smile on my face. It’s so similar that it’s an instant love from me. I was going to blog a few other things with this intially but I didn’t feel like it worked so I ended up taking the picture all over again without them. I instead paired it with a few items from my inventory by Cubic Cherry because …again nostalgia also come on, look how cute though.


Glasses: [Cheezu] classic glasses – large {@Mainstore}
Outfit: [Cheezu] himari school dress (Legacy, Maitreya) {@School Day}
Book: [Cubic Cherry] {School Time} book (wear) pink2 {@Mainstore}
Pencil: [Cubic Cherry] {School Time} pencil (wear) pink {@Mainstore}

*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
**Mesh body used: Legacy Perky. Mesh Head used: Lelutka Briannon EVOX. Skin used: Mila -Shani. Lipgloss used is by Ives. Eyes are by (OO)*Yuki

Supporting Cast

Hair: [Barberyumyum] *barberyumyum*L14(02)  – using *barberyumyum*(+bangs) and *barberyumyum*ahoge 01
Backdrop used: [Paleto] Backdrop:. Duxbury (MATERIAL)(LIGHT) 48Li
Pose used: [Mewsery] Yandere (edited slightly for the head angle with Lelutka axis hud)

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