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New Year New Views

New Year New Views

hello new year close up

Happy New Year’s day to you all! It’s a brand new start so lets try looking at things and approaching them from new angles. I like my New Year Day. I’m excited and quietly confident that I can do this. I’ve also promised myself not to beat myself up too much if I can’t. Doing my best is the only important thing. Making it even marginally better than the year before is already doing extremely well. So, remember not to beat yourselves up when things aren’t going the way you think they ought to be going. Just make sure to check you aren’t setting yourself and unrealistic goal.

And if you make a mistake? Hey, we still have 11 months left to make it better. Right?

So, is anyone else excited for the Doctor Who episode today? I know I am. You can blame the shortness of today’s post on the fact that it is starting soon. All the bathroom breaks have been hand and the food consumed. Now it’s time to curl up in front of the TV. I hope it’s a good one this time. Considering I had no Christmas Special I am hoping that they make it up to me. I was very patient in waiting after all. Right?


Bonus: Inworld unedited shot of eyes and eyelashes…

new year new view inworld shot


Hair ribbon: [Uzu] All for you – ribbon band 4 (yellow) @Okinawa New Year Festival

Ears: [Uzu] All for you – mouse ear 4 @Okinawa New Year Festival

Eyes: [ND] Twinkle Eyes @Okinawa New Year Festival

Eyelashes: [Stardust] Claire Eyelashes @Uber

Skin: [Boataom] Alyssa Genus Applier ‘Indiana’ @Okinawa New Year Festival

Outfit: [Uzu] All for You gacha – 6 @Okinawa New Year Festival

Leg ribbons: [Uzu] All for you – leg ribbon 2 (white) @Okinawa New Year Festival


Supporting cast

Hair : [Doux]- Malori Hairstyle

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