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It occurs to me that most of my work days are spent either getting the days wrong or looking forward to the weekend where in which I plan to do everything under the sun. Yet once the long awaited moment arrives, I find I have either not enough time to do what I want or I get nothing of what I wanted to do done.

One of the things I did get accomplished in one of my lazy moments in the weekend just past was a new scene. It’s again in the colours of the previous set, dreamy pink. It makes me feel wistful. I love the ease with which Finnick just walks past in the scene without heed of anyone. I also love the fuzzy fluff covered seats from Refuge. They are the perfect bottom warmers and look so soft and girly.

I also found another use for the backdrop, it makes a remarkably lovely outdoor courtyard wall. I liked it so much it’ll be kept that way till I sadly have to dismantle yet another dream.




Chair – White: [Refuge] Vintage Fur Chair White/Silver 3li (available in gold metal) @Mainstore

Chair – Pink: [Refuge] Vintage Fur Chair Pink/Silver 3li (available in gold metal) @Mainstore

White roses in glass jar: [Keke] my funny valentine . 3 . white 2li Mainstore

Potted plant on cabinet: [Keke] big garden planter . white 2li @Mainstore

Cabinet: [What Next] Sofia Dresser 2li @Mainstore

Dishes and fruit decor: [What Next] Sofia Shelf Decor (linked) 4li @Mainstore

Outdoor wall with balloons: [Foxcity] Photo Booth – Contained @Collabor88

Cute, adorable fox you just want to hug: [MishMish] Finnick The Fox – Stance A @Mainstore


*All above items have been kindly provided for blogging/review purposes by Creators.

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Supporting cast

Build: [Haikei] Seeing all the lights on / GACHA / RARE 107li

Frames: [Half Deer] Spring Serenade – Three Vintage Frames 2li

Welcome sign: [Half Deer] Spring Serenade – Fox Welcome Sign 2li (gacha item)

Tree: [HPMD] Garden Tree07 – green a 8li

Floor petals: [Half Deer] Sakura Petals – Big Group – Pink 3li




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