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My new friend

My New Friend

Hello, happy Sunday. I’m coming to you a lot later in the day this time. I’m entirely too full of Curry rice and way too content with life. This seems to have spilled out over in to today’s shot which I’ve just finished. This giant teddy by Half Deer is one of the best things that has dropped into my inventory in the last few days. I can’t tell you how much I wish I could have a giant teddy like this in real life. I’ve always wanted one. I want it to be so ridiculously huge it dwarfs me and makes me feel small again. One that I can sleep with curled up in it’s lap in the middle of my bed.

Wow, that went deep for a second. I don’t know why I’ve wanted one for so long, I couldn’t tell you. I’ve never really evaluated that. They just to my knowledge don’t have one, or I just haven’t found one. I’m sure if I was lucky enough to find one it would cost more than I could afford anyway.

So, bearing all that oversharing in mind, you bet when I see a giant soft blue teddy that allows for sitting in it’s lap, I’m buying it. Virtual or not. Cuddle me all day, friend! My avatar seems just as excited to find him as I am. In fact she’s been cuddling him so long everyone is starting to get concerned. The Bear-kin and even the new Bunny-kin have stepped in to express concern. I don’t even think Sa-chan is going to have a chance. This is now Bear’s best friend and she won’t be letting go anytime soon.

If you expect me to weigh in on it and affect the outcome, well let’s just say…you’re looking at the wrong person. I’m in complete support of this entire thing. That teddy is the best and it’s soft blue too. Excuse me while I go into the corner over there and squeal my delighted little heart out.



Glasses: [Cheezu] classic glasses : large {@Mainstore}

Hairpins: [C’est Le Vie] Star hairpin *GG {@Mainstore}

Tongue: [Kotte] tongue {@Mainstore}

Outfit: [Cheezu] sailor school uniform (Legacy,Maitreya) (Use HUD to choose short, medium or long skirt) {@Kagami}

Large bear: [Half Deer] Giant Bear Hug Plush – Baby Blue (Rez & Sit) (comes with holdable version and small decor version too. Pose for sitting slightly edited for photo, specifically I’ve edited the head and neck.) {@Mainstore}

Bunny: [MishMish] Bunny Plushie – Stance A / Latte 1Li {@Mainstore}

Bear: [MishMish] Teddy Bear – Stance A / Latte {@Mainstore}

*All-above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Mesh body used is the legacy perky combined with the genus baby mesh head. Satomi is using the Maitreya mesh body and her head is genus strong.


Hair: [Camo] Abra Knots

Tights: [The Secret Store]

Satomi’s headband: [Violetta] Wagara Headband Sakura

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