My mouse and me

Bear made another friend. I think she makes so many new friends she might be a disney princess in disguise. Today’s friend is by SEmotion again and this time the cute little mouse didn’t tell us his name but maybe he might be ready to whisper it right now. I had fun playing with lights again trying to add atmosphere. The shape I used isn’t my usual shape. I bought this one but I did edit very slightly. I also didn’t use the skin that was suggested by the notecard either. I did try it as I already had it but I didn’t have it in a darker shade. As a result I stayed with my favourate when it comes to using the Genus mesh head. The shape uses the Genus baby mesh head and most of the adjustment came from personal tastes in certain areas but also because I was using the Maitreya Petite. This is one of the sizes that the top by Cubic Cherry comes in.

I also really like these panties. They are high cut but then the chains around it just adds that certain something that makes it seem even sexier. You can turn the chains off too if you want something more subtle.I think I might have an ear overkill by having Bear ears and Elf ears but I liked it so I kept it. I used the make up previously but I wanted to be able to show it off again because I really love it. I did however choose a different colour this time. One that matched the colour palette of today’s image.

Just in case the adorable mouseling wasn’t close enough to see I have cropped even closer for you so now you can see the face, makeup, eyepatch and mouse even better. Tell me that little smile of his is not cute and I’ll just know you’re fibbing. Are you ready for credits time? well, here they come.


Mouse: [SEmotion] Libellune Little Mouse #9 {@Kustom9}

Bear Ears: [Half Deer] Bear Ears (Black) {@Mainstore}

Elf Ears: [Random Matter] Iseul Ears – Elfie {@Mainstore}

Eye Shadow: [Top1Salon] Trip Eyeshadow (Genus, Lelutka) {@Collabor88}

Face markings: [Kotte] Red makeup {@Mainstore}

Lipstick: [Top1Salon] HD Nami Lipstic (Genus, Lelutka) {@Collabor88}

Eyepatch: [Cubic Cherry] Pious Eyepatch – leather {@TMD}

Top: [Cubic Cherry] FiteMe tee Black (Maitreya, Maitreya flat, Maitreya Petite, Slink HG petite) {@IBTC} after 23rd {@Mainstore}

Panties: [AsteroidBox] Elena Lingerie – Panties (Maitreya, Legacy, HG, Alice, Freya) {@Mainstore}

Heels: [Friday] Obel Heels (Coal) (Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza) {@Mainstore}

Backdrop: [Cubic Cherry] Sion tileable backdrop v01 BLACK {@Mainstore}

Ivy: [DaD] Climbing Ivy – mod.02 {@Mainstore}


Supporting Cast

Shape: [Spun] Nel shape for Genus Baby Face

Hair: [DOUX] Rehab Hairstyle

Skin: [Bold & Beauty] Aiden

Pose: [Insomnia Angel]  Claire 6 *slight edit*

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