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my milkshake CROPPED WEB

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I’m kind of sorry that it is another simple picture for you today but at the same time I am not. Simply because when it happened I thought ‘aww that’s cute!‘ and I didn’t want to change it. Sometimes less is more right? I had this huge plan of a whole scene in pinks and cutes but decided that this, this was cute as it was and it might take something away if I added all the things I was thinking. So what did I do? I got this and kept that idea for another time. Why not? I also loved that on my avatars dark skin this lipstick still ended up looking like a lip tint by just reducing the opacity a bit.


Eyelashes: [SnowWhite] Mone (Genus) {@Sanarae}
Lipgloss: [Mukado] Doll Lips (Genus) {@Sanarae}
Collar: [Asura] Starry Night Choker E {@Sanarae}
Cuffs: [Asura] Starry Night Wristband E {@Sanarae}
Bra and shorts: [Sorumin] Come here Set (Legacy, L.Perky, Maitreya) {@Tres Chic}
Bottles (held): [Pinki] Milk Essence Bottle (right and left each with bento hold) {@Sanarae}
Garter: [Asura] Starry Night Gather {@Sanarae}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging /review purposes. 

**mesh body used in today’s post is the Legacy mesh body combined with the Genus Baby mesh head. The skin is by Bold & Beauty, Eyes by Mila and the expression is made with the lelutka Axis HUD.


Supporting Cast

Hair: [VCO] HAIR – Momiji / 001
Pose: [Mewsery] Little Fox (Bento) Pose 1A *combined with hold animation from the bottles

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