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My little tuck shop

Right in the corner of my garden and built only for two. As I am but one you may join and make it two.


The following listed items are from the current round of Seasons Story (after the event you may find the items located at the respective stores which have also been linked)

Cabin: [Vibes] My Tiny Cabin – Bohemian 10li

Stones and reeds: [Roots] Feather Reed Grass

Statue: [Maru Kado] torso-M01 (snow/2Li)


tuckers barn_close 1


Food items starting from the Tulip filled boots also from The Seasons Story

Tray of cups, honey & lemon: [andika] the seasonal treat-Limoncello set 3li

Fork on napkin: [andika] the seasonal treat-Fork 1li

Cake: [andika] the seasonal treat-winter Cake  3li

Cup of soup: [89Hz] – Omelet Rice Soup [AB] RARE 1li

Meal on mat: [89Hz] – Ebi Cat Tempura Donburi [B] RARE 1li

Large plate of food: [89Hz] – Omelet Rice [AB] RARE 2li

Bowl of battered shrimp: [89Hz] – Ebi Tempura Donburi [A] RARE 3li


tuckers barn_close 2


Items available from mainstore

Place setting sign: {what next} Patisserie Sign – Strawberry 1li

Boots with flowers: {what next} Tulip Rainboots Planter 1li


*All above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

Pillows: [dust bunny] dreamy outing . pillow pile . colorful . pg 5li

Blanket: [dust bunny] dreamy outing . picnic blanket . mixed 3li

Potted plant: [Mithral] Monstera Adansonii (White Pot) 2li @kustom9

Dream catchers: [Ariskea] Perly DreamCatcher Dollie 1li

Lace Doilies: [Ariskea] Emi Cute dollie 1li

Basket of lemons: [Ariskea] SourFresh Lemon Basket 1li

Cat: [Jian] Ragdoll Cat Collection Wanderer 14li

Lace curtains: [Knick Knacks] 2 lace curtain – flying 3 (purchased as a pack) 1li

Grass and bushes by HPMD

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