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I got to stay at home today and I scavenged the house like a borrower. I was hungry but all the food I had planned on eating had somehow already been eaten. I don’t know about you but one of the annoying parts of sharing a home is that stuff is never where you left it when you want it. Sure, I left the bread haphazardly in it’s bag but I HAD had the thought that I wanted to make a delicious toastie today.

It’s been there since the beginning of the week untouched. It wasn’t too far fetched to think it might still be there today. In fact, so much faith did I have in it’s dependability, I thought then only to check that the ingredients needed where still around.

Because surely the bread that had been there so long untouched would never disappear. I write this while slurping on noodles I hadn’t particularly planned for. They are nice but I had prepared myself for a toastie and so now I’m going to be stuck with that craving till I get a cheese toastie. I’m most put out with the one who pinched the last few slices of bread. Most put out indeed.

Today’s post is featuring items from Ionic with some Spell sprinkled in too. It was lots of fun to set up and I can’t wait to share the credits with you below. I love these sets because they also come with food items and you know how I feel about virtual food items. Ionic does such lovely ones. It makes the gacha so fun, you always end up with something nice. If not a piece of furniture then surely some virtual food for your home. How could you possibly loose.

Speaking of food items I can’t wait to show you Kotte’s new release at Shiny Shabby. It’s got lovely wrapped candy. First however, lets delve into the credits for this fun scene because I know you are just as impatient as I am.



Items by IONIC @The Chapter Four 

This gacha is called ‘Mi Casita’

Build: Mi casita / Skybox – RARE 63li

Sofa: Sofa Blanquito 7li

Table: Mesa de comedor 1li

Chair: Silla de comedor 2li

Side Table: Mesita de noche 8li

Hanging clothes: Mis vestidos 6li

Hanging cage shelf on wall: Mi plantita 5li

Copper standing lamp: Lampara de arco 3li

Folded blankets: Cojines y mantas 3li

Pasta & Olive oil bottles: Hoy pasta! 7li

Flat bread with herbs, mini bowls & knife (on center table): Pizza Mediterranea 5li

Cups of yoghurt & berry sauce (behind kitty on the table): Yogurt con frambuesas 3li

Stuffed tomatoes in tray: Tomates Rellenos 5li


Items from SPELL @Mainstore

These items are from the ‘Noviembre’ Gacha

Bicycle: Bike -Plants & Books – RARE 5li

Spilled bucket of apples: Red Apples 2li

White chair with blanket & books: Autumn Chair 5li


Items by Tarte @Soiree & N21

Laundry Basket (by center table): laundry basket (light) 3li @Soiree

Lighted clothes hangers (hung against the glass windows): lighted clothesline 2li @Soiree

String-light photos: string light photos 3li @N21


Items by Mish Mish @Mainstore

Little creature on sofa: Red Panda – Stance 2 (rez me) 1li

Kitty on the table: ‘Kitties go to market’ gacha – I haz a shopping list

Chickens outside: Hen & Chicks collection 1li each


*All above items have been kindly provided by Creators/Events for blogging/review purposes. 


Supporting cast

Rug: 7. [Apple Fall] Patchwork Rug 2li  (gacha item)

Green indoor plant: [vespertine] aglaonema plant. 2li

Map: [peaches] Travelers Map

Outdoor Greenery: The outdoor greenery is from HPMD except the bushes used which are from Alirium


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