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My garden full of stars

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I want to share my stars always with you

My Computer doesn’t seem to like taking pictures anymore I am currently struggling to get things to work and here is a rare time again that my computer decided it wouldn’t crash while taking a high graphic image and I’m so glad. I get to show you the little snuggle nook I made for my wifey. I can’t wait till she sees it.

What it didn’t do however was work when I wanted to take a picture at the decidious sim as part of the BVN field trip. I had such high hopes despite the fact that it had not taken a single picture for me all day friday nor the saturday morning. I think I took almost forty shots at the sim and I still didn’t get it. What am I supposed to do with a black screen, sometimes it choses some overlay textures but the rest is black. I am a silhouette with a pair of pretty pink lips. This is all artistically great and all but not really suitable for blogging.

Then it started to really struggle to where I was down to 0.9fps. Can you imagine that?! I can, I saw it, I was there. I have never seen that before. I would never have thought it possible for it to be zero point anything.

So the fact that it did work with a little (a lot, don’t be fooled) of tweaking today was amazing. It had moments where it still didn’t work but it at least worked a few times and amazingly did not crash with ambient occlusion on. I was reckless by then, I had nothing to loose. If it crashed well I had accomplished nothing so far anyway. Taking that risk however produced the picture above so the moral of this story? Taking risks pays off sometimes and other times you have to be backed up into the wall to be able to bring out your finishing move. The Saiyans knew this and so does almost every other magical girl anime.




BuildingTrompe Loeil – Adelaide Pavilion Pool + Curtains PG (modded -pool removed and middle curtain, resized) 50LI

Chandelier[ keke ] glitter chandelier . gold . 4LI . 3m

Lights[ keke ] glitter lantern on stick . white 2 & White 1-  6LI and 8LI

Sparkles[ keke ] waterfall glitter big – white 4LI

BedApple Fall – AF Old Roman Bed (gacha) 9LI

Sign8f8 – 21. IceDreams Welcome Board (gacha) 2LI

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