My Alien friends & Me

My alien friends & me

my alien main cropp

I’m back with rainbows on! I love how today’s outfit just matched itself in all the cutest most perfect of ways. I’ve also got some equally cute alien friends tagging along today. They are too cute. I love the little smiles they have and the one with the blush just killed me. The jewelry is also so pretty, it has rainbows, rainbows you guys. The pink highlight is by LuluB! who also had a really pretty eye shadow set to match the blush and lipstick but I’m not wearing it in this picture.

All these items can be picked up at Sanarae but the outfit, that you will be able to find at Sweet Thing’s mainstore. I have always loved this outfit. I had it before but I bought it for the Freya mesh body because the perky version ruled all virtual life itself. I even bought a disco version of the mini skirt, no doubt during one weekend sale event or another. I’m obviously obsessed with it. However I have never had the fortunate luck to own the fatpack but I’ve always been in love with the rainbow version. To explain better the rainbow skirt is a fatpack exclusive. So it was always something I hoped to get some day.

And isn’t it just so purty, it comes with see through and non-see through versions. As if all the planets aliagned here came the jewelry released by Minds, as if it knew and tadahhh here we all are! Want some credits? I got you covered.


Blush highlight: [LuluB!] Sky Crew – Glitter – Girly (BOM, Omega) {@Sanarae}

Lipstick: [LuluB!] Sky Crew – Cherry (BOM,Omega) {@Sanarae}

Earrings: [Minds] Over the rainbow gacha / Heart Earring Gold {@Sanarae}

Necklace: [Minds] Over the rainbow gacha / Heart Necklace Gold {@Sanarae}

Necklace 2: [Minds] Over the rainbow gacha / Rainbow Necklace Gold {@Sanarae}

Top: [Sweet Thing] Iris Plastic Bustier (Freya, HG, Maitreya) {@Mainstore}

Bracelet: [Minds] Over the rainbow gacha / Rainbow Bracelet Gold {@Sanarae}

Skirt: [Sweet Thing] Iris Plastic Mini (Freya, HG, Maitreya) {@Mainstore}

Pose: [Influence] Efficace *also comes with pose HUD {@Sanarae}

♡Pet Aliens: [Asura] My Pet Alien (Green, Pink) {@Sanarae}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Backdrop: [Bad Unicorn] Candy Land Backdrop

Hair: [Bonbon] Chiyo hair

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