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Molten gold

Molten gold

Collabor88 is opening today for a new round and I’ve featured some of the items in this C88 and Arcade mash up. Doesn’t it look like an intellectual’s sort of living space? I want to touch everything. I really love the magnifying glass on the table because it looks like something I saw at the Museum. I love all these old fashioned things. They always have a certain oldly worldly charm. Look at the desk of draws behind, doesn’t it make you wonder what sort of thing would be stored in there? I wonder what would be written on the labels…

The Sofa and this amazing table are from Collabor88’s new round and the building is too. It’s by BA, with the table by Second Spaces and the Chair and side table by Chez Moi. I do not believe I have blogged anything from Chez Moi before but I loved this chair, it makes me think of a cloud. The shape of it is just so adorable.

I’ve also got lots of shots this time that it will be another image fest. So prop your feet up for a few minutes, here’s a nice cup of tea and let me talk you through this setting.

contrast collage larger close up 1_lighter.png

I took some close ups of the items on the table and the pretty pretty moths that are by Disorderly, also arriving at Collabor88. I couldn’t resist although, I do hope they behave and don’t eat up all the furniture. The wizard glasses in the case are by Wednesday and at The Arcade as part of a gacha set. I thought they went very well with all the other items on the table.

The beautifully detailed tray set is by Fancy Decor and is available at the new round of Fameshed which opened recently. I love this set, it’s so pretty. It makes you want to play house. Or not.

I would feel sad if everyone got their grubby prints all over the exquisite glassware. I would so turn into a ‘Monica’. Maybe if everyone wears gloves…

contrast collage close ups 2_lighter.png

I didn’t want to not provide a close up of the paraphernalia under the table too because they are so pretty. This along with the magnifying glass, the desk of draws and the other items on the table are from Fancy Decor’s ‘Printmaker’s Treasures’ set at The Arcade.

If you are lucky enough to get the desk during your play, trust me you will love it because it is beautiful and also incredibly only 1 Land Impact.

close up.jpg

And because I couldn’t resist having my avatar sit in the chair after all the images were taken, I decided to take one with her in it. The top and shorts are by Little Fox also coming to Collabor88. It looks so soft you guys. It’s the loveliest top. I even love the shorts. They fit so cute and I love the fabric. The top has such a lovely fit and makes me want to hug into it.

My avatar is currently attached to these headphones and the phone from Luas’ 2nd gacha at the arcade. The cute pigtails are also from The Arcade and it is by Doe. I included an even closer shot so you could see the make up. How cute are those hearts in the blusher?! It is by Lisa Walker who’s made a gacha set full of cute lipsticks, blushers, and more.

And now on to the credits list…



Items by Fancy Decor @Fameshed

Drinks trolley: [Fancy Decor] Julian Bar Cart (fatpack)  19li


Items by Fancy Decor ‘Printmakers Treasures’ set @The Arcade

♡  Book holder: 07 [Fancy Decor] Printmaker’s Book Stand 1li

Prints on table: 17 [Fancy Decor] Printmaker’s Loose Prints A 1li

Magnifying glass: 08 [Fancy Decor] Printmaker’s Magnifying Glass (gold) 1li

Supplies under table: 05 [Fancy Decor] Printmaker’s Supplies 1li

Prints under table: 18 [Fancy Decor] Printmaker’s Loose Prints B 1li

Desk of draws: 03 [Fancy Decor] Printmaker’s Cabinet RARE 1li

Pictures frames (black frame): 16 [Fancy Decor] Printmaker’s Framed Print C 1li

Pictures frames (gold frame): 14 [Fancy Decor] Printmaker’s Framed Print A 1li

Pictures frames (silver frame) : 15 [Fancy Decor] Printmaker’s Framed Print B 1li

Lamp on shelves behind: 11 [Fancy Decor] Printmaker’s Lamp (gold) 1li


More items @The Arcade

Glasses in case on table: [Wednesday[+] ~ Wizard Life ~ The Famous Glasses – RARE 1li

Pouf: 6. [Bleich] Scandi Furniture – Ottoman 2li

Swirly Lamp (Next to lamp on back shelf): [Wednesday[+] ~ Wizard Life ~ Golden Game Lamp – COMMON 1li

Catus on top shelf: 17. [Bleich] – Scandi Furniture – Cactus 1li

Headphones: [Luas] Meisan Headphones Black

Phone: [Luas] Meisan Phone Black


Items @Collabor88

Bulb with moths (on shelf in the back): [Disorderly] Dusty Ideas / Broken 1li

Moths above the center table: [Disorderly] Dusty Ideas / EXTRA / Moths 1 1li

Center table: [Second Spaces] Molten table – white & gold 1li

Sofa: [Chez Moi] Cloud Couch (Adult) 2li

Side table: [Chez Moi] Geo Accent Table 1li

Build: [ba] sausalito studio 39li

Outfit (Top): [Little Fox] Cadence Sweater (Belleza Freya, Maitreya)

Outfit (Top): [Little Fox] Cadence Shorts (Belleza Freya, Maitreya)


Items by Fancy Decor @Mainstore / Uber

Standing book pile (top shelf): [Fancy Decor] FD & Commoner: Indio Books 1li

Middle book pile (top shelf): [Fancy Decor] Watson Stack of Books 1li

Book pile with cube (top shelf): [Fancy Decor] Colleen Box & Books (gold) 2li

Books next to catus (top shelf): [Fancy Decor] Bernard Books 1li

Books with Feather vase on desk: [Fancy Decor]Rene Books & Feathers 2li

♡ Wardrobes behind divider: [Fancy Decor]Lee Armoire 10li each

Bed: [Fancy Decor] Maddox Bed (adult) @UBER


Items from Keke @mainstore

Vase of white flowers: [ keke ] paper whites – jar 4li


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*The mesh body used in today’s post is the Belleza Freya.


Supporting Cast


Dividers: [dust bunny] . ivy room divider 11li

Canopy: [+Half-Deer+] Boho Bed Canopy (Cream) 7li

Curtain: [Ariskea] Doucy Lace curtain 2 6li

Plant behind wardrobe: [dust bunny] guiana chestnut tree


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