Merry and bright

I had big plans to upload two posts today, I woke up fired up and ready to go this morning. Second Life however was not having it. Not one little bit. It had absolutely no time for me and my nonsense. I was getting to the point where I was just going to call it quits in an angry flurry of annoyance and irritation. I think everyone experienced it in one form or another. Long story short it meant I didn’t actually get to do anything until well into the afternoon. The plan for two posts quickly ended up being only one but that’s okay. It’s not too bad. It’s disappointing but not the end of the world, right? I do however wish I had gone off to do something else instead rather than bashing my head against the screen trying so hard to make things that weren’t working…work. My avatar barely loaded, I couldn’t get the eyelashes to apply, some huds just wouldn’t work. things took forever to load, blah blah blah. It was all quite stressful indeed.

I went with something simple today. It’s in the same bright and cool colours of winter and featuring items from Okinawa Christmas Festival. It’s open again! I think it didn’t really hit me as hard as it did when I was setting up a picture for it that it is actually a whole year since the last time I was doing this. It was just a short ‘wow’ moment. I’m really happy to finish my year off the same way. I might tear up right now.

Unedited shot from inworld

I did make sure to get a close up image that had no editing on it so you can see just how amazing the eyes are. You can also see the details all in the blush. It’s so pretty and snowy soft. The eyes also have these adorably cute snowflakes when you look really close. It’s like a precious secret only someone who gets close enough is privy to. The earings are also so delicate and small that you had to see how pretty they were too. Bear has even helpfully pushed one forward sightly so you can see. Do you see it? do you? Cute!


Headband: [Paradiso] Holiday Gacha Ribbon (click to resize) Blue {@Okinawa Christmas Festival 2020}

Hair: [KMH] Hair F153 {@Okinawa Christmas Festival 2020}

Ears [Sweet Thing] Nahri Ears {@Mainstore}

Eyes: [S0ng] Snow Eyes (Mesh, BOM, Catwa, Genus, Omega) {@Okinawa Christmas Festival 2020}

Blush: [Stardust] Joy Blush (Catwa, Genus, BOM, Omega, Lelutka) {@Uber}

Freckles: [Stardust] Juliet – Less Freckles (tintable) (Lelutka, Genus, Catwa, Omega, BOM) {@Mainstore}

Earings: [Paradiso] Holiday Gacha Earrings – Blue {@Okinawa Christmas Festival 2020}

Mouth jewelry (heart): [Paradiso] Holiday Gacha Lip earrings Blue {@Okinawa Christmas Festival 2020}

Top: [Cheezu] Bianca Top (Legacy, Maitreya) {@Anthem}

Skirt: [Cheezu] Bianca Skirt (Legacy, Maitreya) {@Anthem}

Spoon: [Tardfish] Bunmellow w/Bow {@Okinawa Christmas Festival 2020}

Cup: [Tardfish] Coco with Bunmellows (white) {@Okinawa Christmas Festival 2020}


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**Mesh body used is the Legacy Perky and the mesh head used is the Lelutka Ryn.


Supporting Cast

Pose: [Serendipity] Nicole (slightly edited from hold animations)

Backdrop: [Foxcity] Photo Booth – Afterparty (Glitter) 42Li


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