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Here’s an image that somehow grew far beyond the original proposed outcome. I initially was going to make a simple image shot of the lovely caviar set by Fancy Decor for the Arcade but in making a ‘background stage for these items to appear in I enventually built so much that it ended up extending beyond the lovely food and beyond even the room itself into the outdoors. I can’t even say I didn’t have fun. I liked it so much that there was of course no way I couldn’t use it to show off all the other items available from the arcade. I started off feeling like I would be overwhelmed with so many items but it all just really worked with each section I did that I just kept going.

Of course, it did mean that I had more than just one image so fair warning that this is an image heavy post. There was no way I could have covered everything in just one image. I mean I could have…but details. Everything is so pretty that it would be horrible to not have some other shots of the different areas. You will find all the other images below. I had to make the others smaller to try and reduce the strain of images.

As the credit list is quite substantial, I am going to keep the text as brief as I can and hope you enjoy today’s post. I’m just going to continue listening to the sound of trickling water. It’s so so relaxing you guys. You could just sit and listen to the virtual trickling forever. First though, credits…



Building: [Trompe Loeil] Ettienne Cottage Noire 27li {@The Arcade}
Hanging Lights: [Thor] Loft Lamp 2li each {@The Arcade}
Sofa: [Fetch] Brooke Sofa – RARE 5li {@The Arcade}
Wall picture frame: [Fancy Decor] Kemsley Artwork (texture change) 1li {@Mainstore}
Hanging rack: [Merak] – Hanging Rack 3li {@The Arcade}
Rug: [Fetch] Brooke Rug 4li {@The Arcade}
Coffee table near curtains: [Fetch] Brooke Coffee Table 1li {@The Arcade}
Bread platter: [Merak] Baba Mira’s Ajvar 2li {@The Arcade}
Picture frame on table: [Fetch] Brooke Basic Sign 1li {@The Arcade}
Stone hanging curtain over door: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Ceramic Mobile 2li {@The Arcade}

Potted plant near console table: [Fetch] Brooke Big Plant 1li {@The Arcade}
Tall potted plant by door: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Bamboo Vase 2li {@The Arcade}
Cushion bench: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Asian Bench 4li {@The Arcade}
Side table: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Asian Coffee Table Wood 1li {@The Arcade}
Table lamp: [Fancy Decor] Kemsley Lamp 1li {@Mainstore}
Budda statue: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Buddha Vase 5li {@The Arcade}

Cutlery vase: [Merak] Silverware Jar Red {@The Arcade}
Basket of Apples: [Merak] Apple Basket {@The Arcade}
Long coffee table: [Thor] Industrial Cart 3li {@The Arcade}
Colourful standing lamp: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Asian Lamp (with projector light) 3li {@The Arcade}


Items on long coffee table in foreground (from inside towards door)…

Gold interior bowl: [Fancy Decor] Kemsley Bowl 1li {@Mainstore}
Caviar bowl: [Fancy Decor] 01 Fancy Decor: Caviar Server (gives caviar) RARE 2li {@The Arcade}
Champagne glasses: [Fancy Decor] 12 Fancy Decor: Champagne Flutes (2x) 1li {@The Arcade}
Caviar tin (open): [Fancy Decor] 02 Fancy Decor: Gold Caviar Tin RARE 1li {@The Arcade}
Stacked caviar tins: [Fancy Decor] 06 Fancy Decor: Stack of Caviar Tins {@The Arcade}

Pale dip: [Fancy Decor] 08 Fancy Decor: Creme Fraiche 1li {@The Arcade}
Crackers: [Fancy Decor] 07 Fancy Decor: Blini Plate 1li {@The Arcade}
Spoons: [Fancy Decor] 11 Fancy Decor: Mother of Pearl Spoons 1li {@The Arcade}
Diced onion: [Fancy Decor] 09 Fancy Decor: Finely Diced Onions 1li {@The Arcade}
Capers: [Fancy Decor] 10 Fancy Decor: Capers 2li {@The Arcade}
Basket of Jams: [Merak] Ajvar Basket 3li {@The Arcade}


Gazeebo: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Gazebo RARE 44li {@The Arcade}
Rock pond: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Center Pond RARE 6li {@The Arcade}
Water lily pond: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Lily Pond 3li {@The Arcade}
Bath: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Mud Spa 4li {@The Arcade}
Water barrels: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Water Barrel With Sounds 3li {@The Arcade}
Rug: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Tatami Rug 5li {@The Arcade}
Wood block: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Wooden Step 1li {@The Arcade}

Round candles on top: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Candles Path 4li {@The Arcade}
Meditation table: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Meditation Table 5li {@The Arcade}
Towel and candle decor on ground: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Spa Candle Set 1 4li {@The Arcade}
Bowl of sand/Zen garden: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Zen Garden Miniature 1li {@The Arcade}
Entertainment dock: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Zen Music Box 4li {@The Arcade}
Hanging bulbs: [Keke] hard to find bulb . many 7li {@Mainstore}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

Supporting cast


Cheese plant indoors: [dust bunny] potted cheese plant 6li
Plant near colourful lamp: [dust bunny] sweet dreams . fiddle leaf tree 4li
Curtain: [dust bunny] sweet dreams . curtains . b 10li


Hanging ivy plant: [dust bunny] hanging plants . ivy planter 4li
Hanging cheese plant: [dust bunny] hanging plants . cheese plant 4li



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