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how does your garden grow?

I took today’s picture in the indoor garden area of the Haikei building I won reacently in a gacha. I used it as a garden because, why not? It’s perfectly set up for one. I love houses that have indoor gardens. The concept just blows my mind. The outdoors in indoors. The indoors is built around the outdoors. The outdoors lives indoors with me! This must be wonderland, right? It’s just enough of an outdoors to make you appreciate it all over again.

And in the middle of the outdoors…that is indoors…is an indoor plant-bear hybrid and her name is Kurimu. I don’t know about you but I totally buy this disguise. She is virtually indistinguishable from a real daisy. I have no idea what you are struggling with. The chamoflaging skills are strong.

Even the little catapillar can’t tell the difference but isn’t he SO adorable!? It’s one of MishMish’s creations that I thought would go really well with the picture. It isn’t a recent release. The watering can is, which is just precious in and of itself. I’m living out my animal crossing fantasies. The dress is by Vincue and using the fatpack HUD I made daisy colours, yay! It comes with the ability to hide the bottom half and tadah, just like that, you have a top. I love things like that. Those adorable two in one surprises. The daisy on the nose and the shoulder are free gifts by the way. How will you use yours?

The other thing I really like is how the hair is somewhat similar to the hair in the tattoo. I thought it was ridiculously cute. I love that tattoo, it is small and cute and sits to one side. It does come in black too but I’ve always been partial to the white tattoos that Stardust does so well. The hair had me screaming because it was so cute. You wonder at the moment when you’re looking at it don’t you? will this suit my avatar’s face…will it not. Just because it is cute does not mean it will suit your avatar. It…totally…did. It’s SOO cute! It’s so cute. I love it. I even love the cute hair pin. Perfection.

Since I could probably talk forever and I haven’t even got round to prattling on about my crazy work week and my animal crossing adventures. I should probably just let you get to the credits and leave that to another day, perhaps. I sometimes have such a short attention span.


Hair: [Miwas] Mimi {@Equal10}

Daisy (nose): [Vincue] Blossie Dress Daisy – GIFT [NORIG] – Nose {@Fameshed till May 27th}

Caterpillar: [MishMish] My Cute Caterpillar {@Mainstore}

Daisy (shoulder/breast): [Vincue] Blossie Dress Daisy GIFT  {@Fameshed till May 27th}

Tattoo: [Stardust] Tiana white tattoo (Legacy, Belleza, Maitreya,Omega, Slink, BOM) {@Mainstore}

Dress: [Vincue] Blossie Dress (Maitreya, Hourglass, Freya) (FatPack: -50% Discount during event) {@Fameshed till May 27th}

Watering Can: [MishMish] Elephant Watering Can – Green 1li {@Kawaii Project}

Potted Flowers (whites): [What Next] Summer Garden Planter 2li (texture changer for both flowers and pots) {@Mainstore}

Wall hanging flower pot: [What Next] Summer Garden Hanging Planter 2 2li (texture changer for both flowers and pots) {@Mainstore}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*mesh body used is the Legacy mesh body with deformers combined with genus baby mesh head. Please note dress/top does not come with default panties.


Supporting Cast

Daisy crown: [Tentacio] Daisy crown

Building: [Haikei] Soft & Dreams / GACHA / RARE 106li

Seat (background): [Haikei] Seeing all the lights on / GACHA / {1} 6li

Tree: [HPMD] Garden Tree07 – green a 8li

Grass: [HPMD] WildGrasses -green- a

Pose: [Konpeitou] Laboured breathing *hand is using animation from legacy body HUD



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