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make up WEBOne of the many things I love to collect in Second Life aside from food gachas are makeup gachas. I have a weakness for all the girly lipglosses and product pots and neat little packages, the make up cases, the nail polish stacks. I love it all and I can’t help it and neither would I want to. If you’re anything like me then let me remind you that Lagom has a new make up set gacha.

Because I know you want nothing more than to go play for yours right now, I’ll even make the post short and just give you the credits straight away! You guessed it, it’s a credits post. You get a credit, you get a credit and you get a credit!! You also get some un-filtered close ups, yay!

make-up close 1make-up close 3make-up close 2


All of the listed items below are from Lagom’s Artsy Makeup gacha at The Liasion Collaborative

String lights: 03. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Eyeshadow Lightstring ] 3li

Picture frame (on mirror): 02. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Makeup poster ] 1li

Picture frame (on wall): 01. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Graffiti poster ] 1li

Baskets on mirror (working from the foreground to background)

Basket 1: 09. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Shelf Dryer ] 1li

Basket 2: 11. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Shelf Hair ] 1li

Basket 3: 10. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Shelf Makeup ] 2li

Lipgloss collection: 07. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Lipglosses ] 1li

Eye shadow palette: 05. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Palette ] 1li

Papers: 04. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Big Plans ] 1li

Mini single palettes: 06. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Single Shadows ] 1li

Bin: 08. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Trashcan ] 1li

Stool: 12. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Chair ] 4li

Desk: 13. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Desk ] RARE 8li


From the Lagom mainstore comes the following items that are part of the L’ete a Paris gacha

Lipgloss stack in basket 1 above: 05. Lagom – L’ete a Paris [ Conceler ] 1li

Foundation collection: 03. Lagom – L’ete a Paris [ Fondation ] 1li

Pile of make up brushes: 06. Lagom – L’ete a Paris [ Makeup brushes ] 1li

Stack of lipsticks in shelf: 12. Lagom – L’ete a Paris [ Lipstick shelf ] Rare 1li

Make up bag: 09. Lagom – L’ete a Paris [ Makeup bag pink ] 1li


*all above items were kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


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