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Hey, guess what today is? It’s Tuesday! Why am I happy about Tuesday you ask? Why, because I get to see your face again. Hi, it’s me, I missed you. Welcome back.

Today is a good day, it’s not too busy a work day but it’s also a relaxing day. I feel accomplished because I managed to make a Lentil Curry and it didn’t kill or poison anyone. In fact, I was complimented on how tasty it was. You can’t see my face right now but I’m looking at you with a self satisfied smile. Some of the best compliments I find come when you make something to eat and everyone really likes it. It gives me the warm fuzzies. I don’t know, I’m not weird. Let’s tie all that back into today’s post.


I haven’t yet tried making a pie as it seems rather daunting doesn’t it? I’m worried my pastry will suck. I still do want to try and what better way to start than to start with the classics. Apple pies! But just in case it doesn’t turn out quite the way it was meant to. It’s okay, I have a back up plan. What Next has perfectly baked pies for whipping out and saying ‘here’s one I made earlier’. They look so tasty and beautifully made. I’m hungry now.

While you’re busy admiring the pies cast your gaze on these gorgeously made cabinets too. They are by Broken Arrows and I love how easily they fit into a vintage scene like this one. I decided they would do very nicely indeed. How would you use them?

Have a look down below for some credits you’re going to need on your next shopping list.


♡  Pie Hutch (comes with decor on top as pictured): {wn} Countertop Pie Safe (w/decor) 1li {@Mainstore}
♡  Pie Slice: {wn} Slice of Apple Pie Decor 1li {@Mainstore}
♡  Whole Pie: {wn} Apple Pie (Fall) w/riser 1li {@Mainstore}
♡ Plates with cutlery: {wn} Plates & Fork – Decor1li {@Mainstore}
Sign: {wn} Fresh Baked Pies Wall Decor V2 1li {@Mainstore}
♡  Ladder: {wn} Apple Harvest Ladder w/ apples 1li {@Mainstore}
Barrel of apples: {wn} Apple Bushel (full) 1li {@Mainstore}
Spilled barrel of apples: {wn} Apple Bushel (tipped over) 1li {@Mainstore}
Potted sunflowers: {what next} Sunflowers Pitcher 1li {@Mainstore}

Available at the Current round of Collabor88...

Cabinets: [Broken Arrows] Alice Cabinet – White 4li {@Collabor88}
Lamp: [Broken Arrows] Alice Bird Candle – White 2li {@Collabor88}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

Supporting Cast

Rug used: 7. Apple Fall Patchwork Rug 2li
Pantry cupboard: 1. AF Stockholm Entry Cabinet RARE 4li
Pot stack: 5. AF Copper Pan Set 1li
Stacked bowls: 6. AF Mixing Bowl Set 1li
Hanging dried flowers: PLAAKA BirchHanger B 4li
Plant: dust bunny . guiana chestnut tree 2li

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