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I was still so much in ‘work mode’ that I nearly started typing ‘Good morning’ as most emails start. I had to delete that once I realised what I was doing though. I obviously didn’t detach myself from work mode at all. Not to worry though, I know what I’m talking about because today I’ve got some clutter for you. Clutter is one of the fun..est? things to take pictures of. Don’t you agree? I mean look at all the good stuff just laying around looking gorgeous. Each items is so especially pretty because each one is going to pretty up a part of the home and add personality to it. I think I must secretly have this personality because there is nothing I am against here. I love crystals, I love herbs. I secretly want to be a white witch. I like candy in ornate vases. I love flowers, books, tea…toast, dolls.

The fact that everything is beautifully made is just the icing on the cake. I could stare at them all for as long as life allows. In real life I like clutter too although I am still picky about my clutter. I used to collect pretty perfume bottles, tea sets, dolls and more.

As you can imagine, if you have a collection habit that big you have to start being picky because you only have limited space. In-world however I am less limited by space. When I am between platforms I think the thing I miss most is not necessarily the privacy but the inability to be surrounded by all the cute clutter I’ve accumilated. The lack of my personality staring back at me. I want that. Privacy I could get almost anywhere, there are sims where there may be nobody on it at the same time as me. There are even niche out of the way places, isolated clubs…unpopulated because I’m on that weird GMT time and miss out on everything. My point is those places will never have my clutter so I won’t get the sense of satisfaction that comes by being surrounded by my pretties. Surely I’m not the only one that feels that way?

So, if you are a clutter fiend like me, then this picture should be right up your street. It’s also a great time to remind you that The Arcade is closing in a few days. If you haven’t gone back to pick up any last minute items then it’s a good thing you have me to remind you, am I right?! It’s okay, you can thank me later because now it’s time to go grab the goodies. It’s okay, I’ll wait right here till you get back.



The following listed items are from The Arcade – Halloween Round – Ending 31st

Shelf: [Refuge] 1. Refuge – Strange Family Holder RARE 1Li

Items on shelf from top to bottom…

♡ [Refuge] 8. Refuge – Strange Family Butler Strange 1Li

♡ [Refuge] 3. Refuge – Strange Family Papa Strange 1Li

♡ [Refuge] 2. Refuge – Strange Family Mama Strange 1LI

♡ [Refuge] 4. Refuge – Strange Family Sister Strange 1Li

♡ [Refuge] 6. Refuge – Strange Family Uncle Strange 1Li

doll on chest in foreground… [Refuge] 7. Refuge – Strange Family Grandma Strange 1Li


Pink teacup: [Fetch] Hallowed Mugs – Cat Pink 2Li *

White cloth: [Merak&Dahlia] Mystical – Ritual Cloth – Gold 15 4Li *

Hanging candle cage: [KraftWork] The Witch Hideout . Bird Cage Candle Gold 2Li *

Crystal circle: [Tentacio] gem invocation 2Li *

Dark bowl of candy: [Madras] 08 MADRAS Corn Candy Red 2Li *

Rug used: [KraftWork] The Witch Hideout . Asian Rug 2Li *


The following items are by Kraftwork and available at the mainstore

Listed from the books round to the side with tiered chest…

♡ [KraftWork] Florist . Tray Pedestal 1Li

♡ [KraftWork] Florist . Bird Cage . White GIFT 2Li *I do not know if this gift will still be available*

♡ [KraftWork] Florist . Large Cooler Planter with Peonies . Rose 5Li

♡ [KraftWork] Florist . Tray Console 3Li

♡ [KraftWork] Florist . Large Cooler Planter with Peonies . Orange 5Li

♡ [KraftWork] Florist . Eucalyptus Urn 2Li *resized smaller*

♡ [KraftWork] Florist . Eucalyptus Urn 2Li

♡ [KraftWork] Florist . Cooler Planter with Peonies . White 2 Li

♡ [KraftWork] Florist . Candle Holder 1Li


*All the above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes unless otherwise denoted. When items purchased by myself are listed they will be denoted with ‘*.


Supporting Cast

Build used: [Apple Fall] Apple Fall Country Hall 148Li

Toast: [Apple Fall] {af} Toast & Butter 6 1Li

Blowing book: [dust bunny] beach day . breezy book 1Li

Book with lavender: [dust bunny] wiccan book stack 1Li

Crystal Ball: [dust bunny] lunar craft . crystal ball 1Li

Crescent shelf: [dust bunny] lunar craft . crystal display 2Li

Open vial box: [dust bunny] wiccan artistry . herb bottles 1Li

Book and tea stack on doll shelf: [Apple Fall] Tea Tins & Tea Books *resized*

Tiered chest of herbs: [dust bunny] supply chest . brown . RARE 3Li

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